1&1 IONOS Web Hostingcancel a contract

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You can initiate the termination of your 1&1 IONOS hosting contract via the Contract Service.

With the Contract Service you can conveniently mark your contract online for cancellation. You therefore do not need an additional cancellation form and ensure that all required data, such as contract and customer number, is entered in full in the cancellation order.

Step 1

Log in with your 1&1 IONOS customer number and your 1&1 IONOSpassword directly into the Contract Service one.

You have forgotten your 1&1 IONOS-password (customer password)? In the article 1&1 IONOS Change customer password (web hosting) we explain how you can assign a new one.

Step 2

Select the item Termination in Contract Service and then click directly on the tariff name of the contract to be terminated in the contract selection.

step 3

In the Complete contract section, click Next.

Step 4

It is now necessary for you to confirm your knowledge of the effect of terminating the contract. Please read the information carefully. If you do not want to cancel your contract now, click Cancel cancellation. If you still want to cancel, click Continue anyway.

Step 5

Please inform us of the reason for your cancellation by activating one of the options offered at the click of a mouse. Then click Next.

Step 6

If you are offered a loyalty offer, you must click Continue Termination.

Step 7

Depending on the elements contained in your contract (domain(s), option(s)), you may need to select certain cancellation details (cancellation date, cancellation category, and so on).

Select the details from the drop-down lists. If no drop-down list is displayed, it means that you have nothing to choose and that the cancellation criteria are simply those that are displayed.

Click on Next.

Step 8

In the last step you will receive a summary of your data and selected cancellation options. Check these and click Next to mark your contract with these conditions for cancellation.

Your cancellation request will now be 1&1 IONOS transferred.

Step 9

Finally, you will receive information that now also contains your transaction number and the contact information necessary for the activation of your cancellation. You will also find this in the confirmation email, which we will send to you immediately afterwards.


Please note: In order to prevent misuse and to be able to implement your termination on the desired date, we ask you to contact our termination service within the next 14 days. If you do not activate the cancellation within the next 14 days, your contractual relationship will continue.