With your personal Phone PIN, you can quickly and securely verify yourself when calling 1&1 IONOS Customer Support.

The Phone PIN is a 4 - 20 digit PIN that helps you easily authenticate yourself when calling 1&1 IONOS Customer Support.

When you order a new contract, you will automatically receive a Phone PIN at the bottom of your order. We recommend that you make a note of your Phone PIN, since it is stored in encrypted form and can only be seen by you. The PIN cannot even be viewed by our 1&1 IONOS Customer Support agents.

If you have not yet received a Phone PIN or have forgotten it, you can set a new one at any time.


  • Click the My Account & Logout icon in the top-right corner, and click Phone PINin the Login & Account Security section.
    Log in to Edit Your Phone PIN NowEdit Your Phone PIN Now
  • Enter any combination of 4 to 20 digits in the New Phone PIN text box. Only numbers may be used, since it will be necessary to enter your Phone PIN via your telephone when calling.
    • Optional: To unhide the Phone PIN in the text box, check the box Show phone PIN.
    • Optional: To receive an email with the new Phone PIN, check the box Please send me an e-mail with my phone PIN and account number.
  • Click Create.

Your new Phone PIN is valid immediately and can be used right away. You can set a new Phone PIN in the future whenever you like.