Creating a Temporary Phone PIN

The telephone PIN serves as a security measure to confirm your identity in case you have customer service inquiries.

If you contact IONOS Customer Service by phone, you will need a phone PIN. With the temporary telephone PIN, you can authenticate yourself quickly and securely. For your security, the temporary telephone PIN is only valid for a limited period (approx. 2 hours).

If you have already created a telephone PIN for your account, it will still be valid for authentication with Customer Service.

Using the Temporary Phone PIN

Your Temporary Phone PIN is displayed when you log in to your IONOS account and select the contact options.

The Temporary Phone PIN is valid for approximately 2 hours. During this time you can use it to confirm your identity with IONOS Customer Service. When the time window expires, a new Temporary Phone PIN will simply be provided for you.

If the Temporary Phone PIN is not available, IONOS Customer Service will send a Phone PIN to your IONOS email address during the call.

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