Tips for Email Marketing

Proper use of Email Marketing involves fine-tuning to achieve the best possible results. The most important success factors are listed below.

The Correct Sender Address

The sender address for your emails and newsletters is one of the first things your customer notices, besides the subject line. The selection of an appropriate sender address is a major factor in determining whether your email will be opened at all.

  • Do not use the address of a free email provider such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc. as the sender email.
  • Depending on your target group, decide whether only your company is named as the sender or a specific contact person.
  • Test different sender variants if you do not know how it will be accepted by your customers yet (A/B tests).

Step-by-Step Instructions:

The Optimal Subject Line

The subject line, like the sender, is one of the first things your customer registers from your email or newsletter.

  • The right balance between a purely functional and a creative subject line determines your desired target group.
  • Use as few special characters as possible.
  • Limit the length of your subject line to 70 characters out of the maximum possible 100 characters.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  • Creating a Subject Line for Your Email Marketing Campaign

Choosing the Right Email Template

You can choose from a large number of templates for your emails and newsletters or design your own templates with HTML or MJML.

  • The look of your templates is determined by the interests of your target group.
  • The design of an email represents your company just as much as your business location. Stay true to your line.

Target Group-Oriented Contents

The address and informal content of your emails and newsletters are geared to your target group.

  • Decide on a factual or emotional language style.
  • Vary the text length in the individual sections.
  • Think about where and how to place your "Call to Action".

Scheduling the Best Time to Send

The right timing of your campaign dispatch has a very large impact on opening and click rates. Here too, you should align yourself to your target group.

  • Send your email campaign to two or more recipient groups at different times to compare the opening and click rates.

Additional Information

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