Setting File Indexing Rules for Google Sitemaps

With the Google Sitemaps function of your IONOS account, you can create a structured overview of your website made especially for Google's search engine. In this article, we'll show you how to create your own.

Creating a Google Sitemap

  • Log in to your IONOS account.

  • Click on the Hosting tile.

  • If you have multiple contracts, select the hosting contract you want to use.

  • Under More Features at the bottom, select Google Sitemap.

  • Use the list box to select the domain for which a Google Sitemap should be created.

  • Click Create or Update Sitemap.

  • Next to Sitemap Settings, choose either Standard or Custom. With Standard, all folders are searched, and all Internet files are indexed. With the Custom option, you control what content is included in the Google Sitemap.

  • Finally, complete the process by clicking OK.