Creating Projects in the Partner Portal

You can create any number of projects for each customer in your Partner Portal. Projects provide you with basic project management tools.


To create a project, a customer must be created.

To create a project in your Partner Portal simply follow these steps:

  • Log in to the Partner Portal.
  • Select the tile  that represents your customer.
  • Click on Add Project in the Project Overview section.
  • Enter a project name.
  • Select a project domain from the list box and enter a valid domain name.
  • Select the contracts you want to assign to this project from your inventory.
  • If necessary, edit the project data with the pencil icon and complete the project creation by clicking Add Project.
  • Content management systems used in the customer project, such as Wordpress, are automatically recognised and receive a link for direct access. Manual changes to the link are possible at any time.
  • The performance and security of the project website can be checked from within the project using the Website Checker.