Establishing a Connection to a Project's Webspace (SSH) via PuTTY (Managed Cloud Hosting)

To establish a connection to your project using PuTTY, proceed as follows:


You have already created a project in the Cloud Panel.

You have downloaded PuTTY.

You are in the Managed Cloud Hosting > Projects section.

Step 1

Select a project.

Step 2

On the Website tab, click  next to Status:.

Step 3

Enter the desired password and then enter it again in the next box.

Step 4

Click Activate.

SFTP/SSH access is activated and the login data is displayed in the SFTP/SSH section.

Step 5

Please make note of the following information:

  • Host name: The host/server name to be used for SFTP/SSH connections.

  • Port: The port to be used for SFTP/SSH connections.

  • User: The user name to be used for SFTP/SSH connections.

Step 6

Start PuTTY.

Step 7

Enter your host name in the Host Name (or IP address) field.

Step 8

Activate the SSH connection type in the Connection type section.

Step 9

Click Open.

Please note: A warning message appears the first time you log in. Because the SSH server was previously unknown, PuTTY does not have the key stored.

Step 10

To allow the connection and save the key for future sessions, click Yes.

The terminal window opens.

Step 11

Log in with your SFTP/SSH user name and your password.

Once you log in, you will see the directories where your project files are stored.

Step 12

Optional: To show the complete directory path, enter the command pwd. Example:

ssh-user:~/var/www/html$ pwd

Unlike on a root server such as the Cloud Server, your user rights will be limited in Managed Cloud Hosting, as IONOS handles system administration for you. That is why, for example, you cannot edit your web server's configuration files or install your own programs via the package manager.