Expanding Managed Nextcloud's Capabilities with Apps

Managed Nextcloud can be expanded by many use cases with apps. This article informs you about the default apps and how to install additional ones.


You are logged on to your Managed Nextcloud installation as an administrator.

Shared Managed Nextcloud-Apps

The following apps are also available to you. You can activate them in your Managed Nextcloud installation through User Profile > Apps. Your user profile is represented by your profile photo or a circle with the first letter of your user name and is located on the right side of the Managed Nextcloud menu bar.


You can suggest further apps by contacting IONOS Customer Service. Upon a positive review of functionality and security, these apps will be enabled.

Solving App Problems

App updates are usually done along with the Managed Nextcloud main programme by ###COMPANY_NAME##. Note that apps can also be updated by you at any time. You can find out whether an app update is ready via the bell icon (notifications) on the right side of the ###NEXTCLOUD## menu bar.

Alternatively, open User Profile > Apps > Your Apps. Apps in your Managed Nextcloud installation that can be updated are marked with an Update button. Click on this to perform the update.