IONOS Managed Nextcloud is collaborative online storage that allows you to easily and securely manage, share, and collaborate on data online. Managed Nextcloud is only available to you and your users, making you independent of third-party providers. The following overview will introduce you to some common use cases.


After you have ordered your Managed Nextcloud package, you will find a Managed Nextcloud tile in the Cloud Storage section of your IONOS Customer Account. Before you start using it, a one-time setup is required. The article Activating Managed Nextcloud explains how to do this.

Logging In

After the initial setup process is complete, your Managed Nextcloud is ready to use. The various login options are explained in the article Logging in to Managed Nextcloud.

Managing Nextcloud

The first step is to create users in Managed Nextcloud. If necessary, create groups to represent teams or departments, for example. The management functions for users are summarised in the article Managing Users in Managed Nextcloud.

Expansion Options

Your Managed Nextcloud can be expanded in its functionality by adding apps. To find out which apps are available by default and how to install additional apps, read the article Expanding Managed Nextcloud.

Using Managed Nextcloud

Your Managed Nextcloud can be used on many devices. The article Using the Managed Nextcloud on Computers and Mobile Devices shows you how to find the right apps.


For a basic introduction on how to work with files in your Managed Nextcloud, see the article Working with Files in the Managed Nextcloud.