There are several ways to log in to your IONOS Managed Nextcloud account. This article explains how to proceed each case.


You have already performed the initial setup as described in the article Activating Managed Nextcloud.

Internet Browser

To log in using any browser, access the subdomain or system domain assigned during activation. On the login screen, enter your Managed Nextcloud credentials.

Nextcloud Apps

To access your Managed Nextcloud via computer, tablet or mobile device, apps are available for all common desktop and mobile operating systems. The article Using the Managed Nextcloud on computer and mobile devices informs you about possible use cases.

IONOS Customer Account

To log in to your Managed Nextcloud through your IONOS Customer Account:

  • Log in to your IONOS Customer Account.
  • Click on Menu > Nextcloud in the title bar. If you also use other IONOS Cloud Storage products, then click on Menu > Cloud Storage.
  • On the desired Managed Nextcloud tile, click the Open Managed Nextcloud button. The login screen will open.
  • Enter your Managed Nextcloud credentials.