Your Managed Nextcloud is assigned to a subdomain or system domain during the initial setup process. This article explains how to reassign it to the domain of your choice.

To assign your Managed Nextcloud installation to another domain or subdomain:

  • Log in to your IONOS Customer Account.
  • Click on Menu > Nextcloud in the title bar. If you are also using other IONOS Cloud Storage products, then click on Menu > Cloud Storage.
  • Click the gear icon on the desired Managed Nextcloud tile. A context menu opens.
  • Select Change Domain.
  • Set a name for the new subdomain that will be used to access your Nextcloud. Your Managed Nextcloud will then be accessed using the address structured similar to new-subdomain.domain.tld, e.g.
  • Optional: To use a different domain from your contracts, click the Show all domains in all contracts button.
  • Complete your entries by clicking Use this domain.
Please Note

This change will change all shared links. You can then only access your Managed Nextcloud using the new domain.