For Cloud Server and Dedicated Server, which are managed in Cloud Panel.

If you set up an additional user account in the Cloud Panel, you can make the use of two-factor authentication (2FA) mandatory.

With two-factor authentication (2FA) active, the Cloud Panel can only be used after two independent components (factors) have been entered. These are the username/password combination you assign and a numeric code generated by an app at the time you log in. This article explains how to set up two-factor authentication and thus effectively secure the user account.


Generate the numerical code

To generate the second factor in the form of a one-time password (OTP: One Time Password), an OTP app is also required. These OTP apps are available from different manufacturers for all common computer and smartphone operating systems, e.g. OTP Auth (iOS), Google Authenticator (iOS) or Google Authenticator (Android). Install an OTP app of your choice.

Enable two-factor authentication after the first login to the Cloud Panel.

To enable two-factor authentication after logging in to Cloud Panel for the first time, do the following:

  • Go to the URL in your browser.

  • Log in to the user account.

  • Install an Authenticator app on your smartphone to generate the codes.

  • Scan the displayed QR code with your OTP app.

  • Complete the configuration in the OTP app. Your entry will now generate numeric codes continuously.

  • Enter the six-digit numerical code displayed in the OTP app in the field displayed in the user interface under Step 4.

  • Click Activate.

    The successful setup is confirmed in a new window.

  • Make a note of the recovery code. You can use this to disable two-factor authentication in case you lose access to your 2FA app.

  • To open the Cloud Panel, click Next.

    After the two-factor authentication has been activated, the numerical code from your OTP app is additionally requested after entering the user name and password when logging in to the Cloud Panel.

Disable two-factor authentication

Deactivating two-factor authentication is only possible after logging into the IONOS account by means of which the user account was created. To do this, proceed as follows:

  • Log in to your IONOS account login.

  • Optional: Select the desired server & cloud contract.

    The Cloud Panel opens.

  • In the menu on the left, click Management > Users.

  • Activate the desired user account.

  • In the More Information area, click the pencil icon next to the 2FA required: menu item.

  • Click No.

  • Click Apply changes.

    Two-factor authentication is cleared for this user account .