Creating Autoscaler Configuration

Create an autoscaler configuration to automatically resize your cluster to fit the requirements of the workload you're running. If you enable autoscaling and the existing resources are not sufficient to run a new Pod, Kubernetes will automatically add a new node to your existing cluster. The costs for the added nodes are calculated by the minute. If a node in your cluster is not busy and its pods can be run on other nodes, it can be automatically deleted by the autoscaler.


You are in the area Container Cluster > Cluster.

Step 1

Click on the Autoscaler tab.

Step 2

To create an Autoscaler configuration, click .

Step 3

Activate the desired node size to be managed by the autoscaler.

Step 4

For the desired node size, specify the maximum number of nodes to be managed by the autoscaler. These nodes are automatically added or removed according to the requirements of your cluster.

Step 5

Click Save Changes.

The Autoscaler configuration is created. The selected autoscaler configuration and the current status are then displayed.