Billing of Virtual Machines (VM) at Dynamic Cloud Server

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For Dynamic Cloud Server from March 2012

You can create and manage up to 99 virtual machines (VM) with a current Dynamic Cloud Server tariff. The flexible IONOS fee system enables a targeted billing of the individual VMs.

Calculation according to useful life

The VMs are calculated to the hour according to their useful life. The time stamp on the server is relevant for this. This means that the calculation only runs if the server has been started with the corresponding configuration.

There are no additional fees for stopped VMs for half a year. But even then, we will only charge you for the storage space you have booked.

Please note: If you choose the rate category Special (instead of Flex) when ordering and thus benefit from a discounted fixed price for the basic configuration, this only applies to performance features ordered in addition. In general: Always shut down the VM via the IONOS and not via the server itself, otherwise the calculation will continue.

Traceability on the invoice

You always have an overview of the services you have booked. Your invoice contains a detailed, hourly overview of the useful life of the individual performance features (CPU/RAM/HD). Think of it like a phone bill. This way you can easily see how the amount of your invoice is composed.

example of usage

You find out in the morning that you need more CPU power at short notice and stop your running DCS at 8 o'clock. Then add another virtual CPU to your DCS. If, for example, your server does not run again until 8:45 a.m., the additional CPU will also not be charged until 8:45 a.m.