Change Hardware Configuration for Dynamic Cloud Server

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For Dynamic Cloud Server Linux and Windows

To increase or decrease the hardware equipment of your Dynamic Cloud Servers.

Adapt the scope of services (RAM, hard disk and CPU) of your Dynamic Cloud Servers individually to your current needs.

Step 1

Log in to IONOS and select the relevant contract.

Step 2

Click in the area Server to Server Administration.

Step 3

Check the Virtual Machine (VM) whose hardware you want to change. Then choose Administer > Hardware Configuration.

Step 4

Here you see an overview of the current configuration. Use the sliders to change the hardware components in the desired way. Then click Next.

Please note: The more hardware you assign to the VM, the higher your future bill will be. The costs you can expect per hour and per month are displayed here.

Please note: If you reduce the size of the disk space, the server must be reinitialized. This leads to an immediate loss of all server settings and the data stored on the server! Make a backup of your server data beforehand and check whether the backups created are also functional.

Step 5

To take over the configuration, it is necessary to shut down your server. We differentiate between two variants:

  • Manual shutdown (recommended): Here our configuration system waits until you have shut down the server in an ordered manner via the operating system. We recommend this option because it allows you to cleanly shut down any work in progress or processes on the server before shutting it down.
  • Automatic shutdown: Here our configuration system tries to shut down your server in an ordered manner without you having to do this yourself. If this does not succeed, the server is switched off and all running processes and work is terminated.

Please note: Before changing the hardware components, make a backup of important data! Data may be lost, especially during automatic shutdown.

After selecting the method, click Next.

Step 6

If you have selected Manual Shutdown, a wait screen appears. Please do not close this browser window! Now log in to your server, stop any services still running and shut down the server in a controlled manner.

Step 7

After the server has been shut down, the configuration system recognizes this automatically and displays the corresponding information. Then go to Next.

Step 8

Confirm the order overview with OK. The server will now restart automatically. You have now successfully changed the hardware components. After booting the VM, the new hardware is immediately available to you.

Step 9

If you have booked additional hard disk space, you must first allocate it in the server operating system. We explain how to do this in detail in the article Additional Hard Drive Space Ordered. Cloud Server