Dynamic Cloud Server in the Windows Rescue System

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For Dynamic Cloud Server

You will learn how to start your Dynamic Cloud Server in the Windows rescue system.

The Windows Rescue system is a minimal Windows operating system with which you can access the hard disk - and thus the system configuration - even if it is no longer accessible or only partially executable.

This allows you to make changes to system files and restore system functionality in an emergency. You can also exchange files between your server and your computer. Alternatively, you can boot the server with a Linux rescue system. However, writing to NTFS file systems is not supported here.

Step 1

Log in to IONOS and choose your contract.

Step 2

Click in the area Server to Server Administration.

Step 3

Select the virtual machine you want to start in the rescue system.

Please note: If you only have a virtual machine, this step is not necessary.

Step 4

From the drop-down menu, select Recovery Tool.

Step 5

Select the 64-bit Windows Rescue system and click Next.

Step 6

You will see a one-time password for the VNC console. Make a note of this and click OK.

Step 7

Click Start VNC Console.

Step 8

A window appears which is necessary for the VNC console to work. Do not close this window.

Step 9

The VNC console window appears. Here you can either run the programs specified there or start a command prompt.