Installing the Monitoring Agent on a Cloud Server or a Virtual Server Cloud (Linux)

Learn how to install the monitoring agent on a Cloud Server or a Virtual Server Cloud with a Linux operating system. The Monitoring Agent allows you to retrieve information about free disk space or what processes are running.

Please Note

If you use a local firewall on the server, you must enable incoming connections for TCP port 5666 in this firewall.

To install the Monitoring Agent on your server, proceed as follows:

  • Log in to the Cloud Panel.

  • In the left menu, click Infrastructure > Servers.

  • Click DVD Drive.

  • Click Applications.

  • Click Monitoring Agent.

  • Click Load DVD.

    The DVD is being loaded. This process may take several minutes.

  • Log in to the server as an administrator. Instructions can be found here:

    Connecting to Linux Server via SSH

  • Create the directory where you want to mount the DVD. To do this, enter the following command:
    [root@localhost ~]# mkdir /mnt/dvd
    The directory /mnt/dvd is being created.

  • To mount the DVD, type the following command:
    [root@localhost ~]# mount -t auto /dev/cdrom /mnt/dvd
    The DVD drive will mount.

  • To open the /mnt/dvd directory, enter the following command:
    [root@localhost ~]# cd /mnt/dvd 
    The directory /mnt/dvd will open.

  • To install the Monitoring Agent, enter the following command:
    [root@localhost ~]# ./
    The Monitoring Agent will be installed.