Managing SSL Certificates in the Control Panel

You can assign your SSL certificate to another domain or have it reissued. In addition to information about the certificate, the current setup status is also displayed here.

Step 1

Log in to IONOS and click on Domain Centre in the Domains area.

Step 2

On the SSL Certificates tab, click the SSL certificate you want to manage. The settings open and you see the information. You can make the required changes in the Advanced Settings area.

Reassign SSL

Note: This option is only available for web hosting packages and managed servers.

You can assign an SSL Certificate 30 days after the last assignment to another domain in your web hosting package. The prerequisite for this is that the other domain uses the IONOS name servers.

Please note: You can assign SSL Starter certificates to another domain at any time - the 30-day rule does not apply here.

Reissue SSL

An SSL certificate can be reissued a maximum of 6 times per year. After reissuing an SSL Certificate, the old SSL Certificate must be revoked. Note: The newly issued certificate remains valid for the remaining term of the original certificate.

Please note: SSL Starter Certificates can be reissued at any time and as often as required.

Change Authentication Method

As long as the SSL certificate has the status Setup is in process, the authentication method can be changed via Advanced settings. To do this, simply click Change authentication method.

Please note: Only DNS authentication is supported for SSL Starter certificates.