Managed WordPress with the 1&1 IONOS Setup Wizard

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This text is a machine translation. A revised version is planned.

The 1&1 IONOS wizard gives you a quick introduction to WordPress with selected themes and plugins.

We will show you step by step how to set up Managed WordPress with the 1&1 IONOS Assistant.

Step 1

Log into the admin area of your WordPress installation. You can go directly to the login page by adding /wp-admin/ to your domain name (e.g. Use the access data you specified during the installation to log in. After logging in, you will see the WordPress dashboard.

Step 2

When you log in for the first time, the assistant will start automatically.

To restart the wizard later, click 1&1 IONOS Wizard on the dashboard header.

step 3

Select the desired website type on the left, for example Blog.

The 1&1 IONOS WP Assistant offers an optimized selection of themes and plugins for every type of website. You can choose a different type of website at any time.

Step 4

Select the desired design by clicking Install in the corresponding tile.

The wizard installs the design together with a preselection of plugins. The Customizer is then opened automatically, with which you can edit various design-specific settings.

Step 5

To return to the dashboard, click the X in the upper left corner.

You can access the customizer later via the dashboard under Design.