MyWebsite Now is designed to allow you to quickly and easily create websites using the best web design practices. You don't have to worry about usability of navigation, compatibility with mobile devices, or other optimisations when designing your website.

For a positive visitor experience, you should also consider the following points:

Choose design settings that correspond to your theme
  • If the theme of the website is serious, use clear shapes, deep colours and classic fonts. Instead of using many colours, use only one or two accent colours and shades of the same colours for the rest.
  • If your content is rather cheerful and optimistic, let your imagination run free and try out the different colour options.
Pay attention to clarity and legibility
  • The start page of your website is like a title page with a table of contents. Therefore, distribute your information on different sub-pages.
  • Formulate your texts briefly and concisely. Studies have shown that too long texts are not read, so a block of text should not be longer than one screen.
  • Use an easily readable font. The MyWebsite builder offers you a suitable selection for this. For text-heavy, informative websites, use smaller fonts (font size "S").
  • If your target audience is children or seniors, choose a large font (font size "L") and a contrasting colour scheme.
  • Offer your customers a highly visible contact opportunity. Make sure to use a contact form. This makes it easier for your customers to contact you in different ways.
Please Note

Make sure to observe legal regulations for things such as the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy if applicable.