Joomla! Standard Installation

For Linux Web Hosting, IONOS Performance Hosting, and Managed Dedicated Server packages

With Click & Build installations, you can create popular content management systems, forum software, and wikis easily and without programming knowledge using the setup wizard. With a standard installation, you can configure your application without restrictions and install, for example, any plugins, extensions and themes.

Guided Steps for setting up Joomla!
  • Log in to your IONOS account.
  • Click Websites & Shops > Create new website or shop in the title bar.
  • On the Joomla! tile, click the Start Now button.
  • Enter all the requested data on the 5 tabs that appear and start the installation.

After completion, your Joomla! installation will be displayed in your IONOS Customer Account as a separate tile in the Websites & Shops area. Use the associated Manage Website button to change content and settings.