For MyWebsite Now

The MyWebsite Now Plus and MyWebsite Now eCommerce Plus packages include more email storage. This article explains how to activate the extra storage space.

  • You have a MyWebsite Now Plus or MyWebsite Now eCommerce Plus contract.
  • You have a domain in the associated MyWebsite Now contract.

Creating a New Email Address and Adding the Extra Storage

  • Log in to your IONOS account.
  • Click Menu > Email in the title bar.
  • Select the MyWebsite Now contract.
  • If you haven't created any email addresses for your contract yet, click the Create an email address button.
  • On the Mail Basic 2 GB tile, click the Create button.
  • Enter the desired address in the Email field.
  • Assign a secure password.
    Optional: Enable the additional protection options Protection against viruses or Protection against data loss.
  • Complete your entries with Save. A summary is displayed.
  • In the Email Store row of the details table, click the Upgrade link.
  • On the 10 GB Extra Mail Storage tile, click the Enable button. A note about the successful activation is displayed.