Creating a Colour Palette for Your Website with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

A colour palette combines different colours that match each other and the content of your website. MyWebsite Now uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help you create the optimal colour scheme. This article explains how to use it.

Please Note

Colour palette creation with AI is not included in all MyWebsite Now packages.

Opening the MyWebsite Now Editor

  • Log in to your IONOS account.
  • Click on the Websites & Shops tile. If you have multiple website contracts, click Manage Website in the appropriate tile.
  • In the tile with the name of your online project, click the Open MyWebsite Now button. You will find this tile on the right side of the browser window. The Presence Suite for this project opens.
  • In the Presence Suite menu bar, select Website Editor. MyWebsite Now opens in a new window.

Creating a Colour Palette

  • In the menu bar of the MyWebsite Now editor, click Design > Colours > Custom.
  • Below the colours you've used so far, click the Generate Colours button.
  • Enter keywords that describe the colour scheme you want for your website, such as black and white or autumnal.
  • Select one of the colour palettes that will appear after a short time below the Generate Colours button. The new colour scheme is immediately applied in the details view of your MyWebsite Now editor.