Setting Up WordPress Standard with the IONOS Assistant

Customers with Managed WordPress will find your manual here.

In this manual we will guide you through the IONOS WP Assistant. The IONOS WP Assistant gives you a quick introduction to WordPress with selected themes and plugins.

Step 1

Log into the WordPress management interface (dashboard).

Tip: You can go directly to the login page by adding the suffix /wp-admin/ to your domain name. Use the user and password you set during installation.

Step 2

Click Start Now to start the IONOS WP Assistant.

step 3

You can now choose between different types of websites. Based on the selected type, the IONOS WP Assistant will recommend suitable topics and extensions in the following steps.

Move the mouse over the desired type and click on Select.

Please note: They do not necessarily commit themselves to a specific type. The IONOS WP Assistant makes it easier for you to get started by compiling an overview of recommended topics and plug-ins. However, you can change these settings at any time. You can also use the IONOS WP Assistant itself later. Just start by trying out which combination suits you best.

Step 4

You are now in the topic selection. Here you can either keep the current theme or select one of the suggestions (a default theme is automatically created during WordPress).

Navigate your mouse over the desired topic and click on the corresponding button.

Step 5

You now get an overview with the recommended extensions (plugins). Some of them have already been pre-selected as a basis. If you have chosen the blog as your website type, the plugin search engine optimization, for example, will be preset.

Check all plugins you want to install and click Install Now.

The IONOS WP Assistant now makes the necessary changes. It then deactivates itself automatically. However, you can activate it again later via the plugin management (see below).

Step 6

Now you can view the changes in the page preview. To do this, click on your website name in the upper left-hand corner and then on Go to Page.

Reactivate the IONOS WP Assistant

If you need the IONOS WP Assistant again, activate it via Tools. You may need to log out of the dashboard and log back in again.


Please note: Tips and tutorials you will find here in the IONOS Community.