EU Cookie Directive: What You Should Consider

The cookie policy requires that visitors to a website actively agree (opt-in) to the use of cookies that are not absolutely necessary for the technical operation of the website. You MyWebsite Creator are on the safe side with yours. This is because MyWebsite Creator does not use cookies that require the active consent of your website visitors.

Please note the following If you use third-party services, e.g. Facebook or Ebay and some other Web Apps, the terms of use and cookie usage rules of the respective provider must be observed.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small data package that a web server stores on the visitor's computer, for example, it contains information about the preferred language or other settings. This information is stored in a text file. When the website visitor visits the same website again, the browser sends a copy of the cookie back to the web server. This allows the website visitor to be identified and the website display to be adapted accordingly.                  

For the EU cookie policy, the difference between the profiling cookie (consent required) and the technical cookie (no consent required) is important:

  • Profiling cookie: This type of cookie is used to analyse the use of a website, to collect statistical information on use and to individualise the visit of the website. This also includes, for example, recommending certain offers based on usage. This requires the visitor's consent. Within MyWebsite Creator these cookies are not used.
  • Technical cookie: This type of cookie is used to ensure the smooth operation of the website, e.g. to collect and provide goods in shopping baskets. No visitor's consent is required here.