MyWebsite Design Tips

For the Website Builder and MyWebsite Creator

We have compiled valuable tips for you to help you optimise your Internet visibility:

  • The start page of your website is like a title page with a table of contents. Therefore, distribute your information on different subpages.
  • Formulate your texts briefly and to the point. Studies have shown that texts that are too long are not read. Therefore, a text should not be longer than one screen page.
  • Use a clearly legible font. The MyWebsite Creator offers you a suitable selection for this.
  • Avoid too many elements (images, widgets, etc.) on one page. Thus you guarantee a fast loading time of your MyWebsite Creator.
  • Do not offer more than ten items per page in your shop. This ensures succinct, fast-loading pages.
  • Offer your customers a clearly visible contact option. Make sure to use a contact form. This makes it easier for your customers to contact you in various ways.
  • Please observe legal regulations, for example, with regard to the legal obligations.

Tips for the first steps can be found in the menu under the Getting Started Assistant.