Changes of MyWebsite are not Displayed on the Internet

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For the Website Builder and the MyWebsite Creator

You have made changes to your website, but the content update is not displayed online? In this article you will find solutions to display the updated content of the page.

To display Internet pages faster, Internet browsers (such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox) store the contents of a page in a cache for a longer period of time. This function is known as the browser cache, browser cache, or browser history. Often it is sufficient to reload the affected page without reloading the data from the browser cache or to completely empty the memory.

Execute this and the other steps and test again after each step whether the page is now displayed.

Step 1

Open the affected website in your browser.

Step 2

On Windows and Linux computers:

Press the CTRL and F5 keys on your PC keyboard simultaneously.

On Apple computers running Mac OS X:

On your Mac keyboard, press the CMD (former apple key) and R keys simultaneously.

On smartphones and tablets from various manufacturers:

Tap the update button of your mobile Internet browser (e.g. iPhone Safari, Android Google Chrome).

Please note: If you are using third-party mobile software that you have downloaded from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, for example, you will find the appropriate instructions using a search engine with the name of the software and the search term "Reload page".

Step 3

Clear the browser cache in your Internet browser settings. Instructions for the most popular Internet browsers can be found on the following pages:

Step 4

If possible, test the site using a different device and/or browser, for example on your smartphone. If the page there is up-to-date, security software on the affected computer may be the cause.

Deactivate any existing firewalls, virus or protection software on a test basis. If you have installed an ad blocker (ad blocker) or so-called NoScript tools as an extension in your browser, deactivate them for testing purposes as well.

Instructions for deactivating Add-Ons (extensions) can be found in our category Security when surfing.

Step 5

If these steps do not lead to success and the page is not updated even on different devices, a malfunction may also be the cause. In this case, wait a few hours and then try to reload the page in the browser again.