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New ChatGPT integration allows SMBs to generate compelling web content in seconds

Beta version of AI text generator will be integrated into IONOS MyWebsite Now Plus and Pro to help small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) save time and resources

May 23, 2023

For UK SMBs a major barrier to digitalisation, is a lack of time, according to a recent study by IONOS. However, when it comes to SMBs‘ online presence, AI can help.

IONOS is now offering a new text creation feature for its MyWebsite Now website builder, allowing customers to use artificial intelligence (AI) to create blogs, texts and headlines in seconds.

The text generator uses the application programming interface (API) of ChatGPT 3.5 Turbo from OpenAI. The new integration means that SMBs can take control of their online presence, saving valuable time and resources while creating compelling web content.

Achim Weiss, IONOS CEO, commented: “For a technology company like IONOS, artificial intelligence isn’t totally new. However, we’re proud to integrate AI technology into a product, supporting our customers in industry-specific writing and website maintenance. AI will further drive and accelerate the digitalization of small and medium enterprises.”

How the AI text generator works

To locate the AI text generator, users will select the text field they want to work on in the editor of their website builder as usual. A menu will appear with icons for settings such as font size, font type, and the new AI text generator.

To use the AI text generator:

  • Select the text field and click on the “AI Text” icon, which opens a new window.
  • Enter information about the industry, topic, and other specific details.
  • Specify the number of paragraphs (maximum five) and click “Generate” to create the text automatically.

For the AI-based headline generator:

  • Enter the topic and length of the headline (up to 20 words).
  • The headline will be generated automatically.
  • Edit, correct, and supplement the text as needed.

This new feature will be integrated as a beta version in the MyWebsite Now Plus and Pro plans and uses the API (Application Programming Interface) gpt-3.5-turbo from OpenAI.

With data protection being a top priority at IONOS, no personal data is sent to OpenAI, and the API being used isn‘t trained with any information or requests from IONOS customers

All further information can be found here: https://www.ionos.co.uk/websites/website-builder


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