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Duda Pro

Website design for professional agencies

Ideal if you want to create high-quality websites for your clients quickly and efficiently.
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Discover more about our Duda Pro solution.

Taking the hassle out of web design

Build new websites faster, so you can focus on what matters.

A complex problem

The demands on websites are constantly increasing: UX, CI, SEO, SSL... Where do you draw the line? And how exactly do you provide truly relevant added value for your clients?

A simple solution

The Duda Pro platform affords you more time to find answers to these questions. You can simplify the cooperation with your clients (access management, role assignment, and feedback loops) and automate the time-consuming rule tasks commonly experienced with WordPress. You can also share successful creations with your entire design team with just a few clicks.

Great results

Many web design agencies that have made the switch from WordPress CMS to Duda Pro report time savings of up to 50%. You can now invest this extra time in the topics that are really important for your customers: personalised website funnels, fast loading and search-engine-optimised content, high-quality design and high-conversion form fields... Take back control of your time!

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The advantages of Duda Pro

Simple, but bursting with functionality.


With industry-specific, ready-made templates, you receive the basic equipment you need for further adaptation to the needs of your customers. Of course, you can also start from scratch and use your own template creations for other customer projects.


With the help of the so-called "Section Builder," you can design frequently used website sections very easily – such as team presentations, package columns, forms, feature tables, or product descriptions – so you can reuse them yourself and share them with your agency colleagues.

Data import

With the powerful Duda Pro API, you can quickly import all your clients' existing images and files from the web and manage them centrally in the Duda Pro Platform Library, thus enabling effective content management.


Visits to websites without any user engagement are often not very effective. Therefore, the Duda platform offers you the ability to create personalised user experiences – and better still, without programming. High conversion rates, satisfied customers.


Always there, always available – that's how the online world works. Thanks to 99.99% availability on one of the most stable hosting platforms in the world, your websites will always be available when potential customers are looking for information – 24/7!

Search engine optimisation

Do you love sustainable traffic from organic search? Duda Pro does too. That's why you get full control over the SEO-relevant settings of your website. These preferences ensure that you don't have to start from scratch.

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Web design agencies choose the Duda Pro platform because creating high-quality websites for small and medium-sized businesses can be managed and scaled much faster than with WordPress. The powerful personalisation capabilities offer enormous potential for creating unique customer journeys.

Duda Pro platform – FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the topic

The Site Comments feature allows you to work even faster and more efficiently both in a team and with your customers: you can obtain feedback, discuss suggestions or review designs in real time via comments. This allows you to involve your customers in your work without having to write lengthy emails, as well as save long waiting times and reach your customers faster. This means you don't have to rely on external solutions or pick up the phone. Without long feedback loops or waiting for answers, you can realize projects faster - to the satisfaction of your customers!

The Site Comments feature is also practical for team collaboration, helping you get your colleagues involved in your projects. In this way, internal communication processes are accelerated and new suggestions can be implemented directly on the website. In addition to text comments, you can also integrate images and suggest edits on the spot. This creates a clear and intuitive communication flow. If you do not need the comments for editing, you can simply hide them and continue working undisturbed.

Besides text and videos, good image content is the most important type of content in modern web design, so extensive image processing functions are all the more valuable! With Duda Pro, the most important image processing tools are integrated directly into the system. The photo editor allows you to make the following simple adjustments:

  • Change the size of the image in just a few clicks.

  • Rotate your images.

  • Add filters to make photos more atmospheric.

  • Zoom in and focus on important elements of images.

  • Adjust aspect ratios.

  • Decorate your photos with stickers.

Duda Pro also gives you access to an extensive image and GIF database. Of course, you can also upload your own photos easily. Once the images are edited, you can easily integrate them into your site or present them in the form of sliders, which encourage you to browse through them.

Duda Pro puts you in the best possible position when it comes to page speed: the system automatically optimises your pages according to Google's PageSpeed standards. It also supports HTTP2, the current web standard for all responsive websites. In contrast to the old HTTP1.1, more files can be loaded simultaneously via a single connection, which noticeably improves page loading speed.

In addition, Duda Pro enables "dynamic serving". In concrete terms, this means that your website automatically reacts to the end device - such as a desktop computer or smartphone - from which the page is accessed. Content can therefore be customised for each device, which can significantly reduce loading times, especially on mobile devices.

Another speed advantage of Duda Pro is due to the worldwide content delivery network (CDN). All static files such as images, PDFs or documents are hosted on this network, which reduces loading times and enables optimal data throughput even under heavy loads.

With Duda Pro you can create professional online shops. The online shops set up with Duda Pro are completely responsive and can therefore be perfectly displayed across all common devices. This allows customers to have an overview of the purchase process at all times, guiding them clearly from the product page to the checkout. All important functionalities for a successful store are included, along with some additional ones:

  • Create vouchers.

  • Integrate more than 30 payment methods - this enables you to make shopping simpler for as many customers as possible.

  • Send automated emails to customers.

  • Automatically calculate taxes for the UK, EU, Canada, USA, and Australia.

  • Provide customers with different delivery options.

  • Automatically show how many items are still in stock.

  • Specify breadcrumbs for better navigation during the purchasing process.

In addition, you and your employees can manage the online store from your mobile devices. New products can be added, product information, prices and photos can be updated, and statistics can be checked.

Duda Pro is available as a subscription with tiered plans: the cheapest plan, "Basic", includes a website, a ten product online store and email support. The next stage up, "Team", also includes a website, but with extensive additions such as a preview tool and a customer dashboard. The "Agency" rate is for agencies and includes eight websites, a widget builder, a developer API and priority support via email, chat or phone. Business customers can also opt for a tailor-made custom offer. Alternatively, agencies can book several smaller slutions based on specific needs. For example, you can book the "Team" plan for one customer and the "Basic" package for a different customer. All packages can be paid monthly or annually, and there is currently a 25% discount on the annual payments.

For detailed pricing information, please consult the current offer from our partner.

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