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Do you need a scalable infrastructure for your eCommerce website or application? We have the right solutions for small and large companies.

Reliable and safe

Product pages must always be accessible and high-performing. Even in times where the number of visitors is unexpectedly high, there must be no delays or downtime. Plus, with a choice of state-of-the-art European data centres, we ensure that data storage abides by the latest data protection regulations (e.g. GDPR).

  • Performance and availability

    Your product pages need to load quickly and be available at all times.

  • Security

    You want to use scalable cloud services without compromising security.

  • Reduced costs

    You only want to pay for services that you actually use.

  • Flexibility

    Your eCommerce store needs a custom or complex infrastructure that exactly fits your requirements.

Dedicated Server

A dedicated server gives you the high-performance resources you need for a sophisticated, high-traffic eCommerce website with many products. With the latest enterprise hardware, you get maximum performance and availability.

From the intuitive control panel you can add additional cloud resources to your dedicated hardware and, with transparent prices, you always know what your costs are. 




If you expect fluctuating traffic demands, take advantage of the high scalability of IONOS Cloud.
Additional servers can be spun up and ready to go in just 55 seconds to help cover traffic peaks from promotions or advertising.

You want your customers to be reassured that shopping through your online store is safe. With IONOS Cloud, all connections and transactions are HTTPS encrypted with SSL certificates. Your eCommerce website is protected by our high-tech data centres with all of the latest firewall and security technologies such as SIEM and IDS/IPS.

Enterprise Cloud

For complex eCommerce websites, choose Enterprise Cloud. Our experts will give you personalised advice on the infrastructure you need to to build a virtual data centre customised to your needs.

Our state-of-the-art data centres are ISO 27001 certified and meet the highest levels of data protection in Europe. 

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