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Affordable servers from IONOS: Dedicated servers and VPS

For personal users and small businesses – hosted in Germany


A server that suits you!

Are you currently setting up your online business or do you have personal reasons to maintain an Internet presence? If so, it is advisable to start off with an inexpensive server and then gradually work your way up.

Whether it’s business or pleasure: It’s more than enough to begin by renting a competitively priced server that you can then upgrade if your requirements grow. Numerous included features make your IONOS server as secure as possible.

Affordable dedicated servers: Root servers for business owners and SMEs

Mostly you will need a fairly powerful server to present your business on the Internet: It will have to withstand surges in traffic without capitulating – e.g. for shops –, ensure secure storage of customer data and cope just as well if you want to run a shop, a blog or both in addition to the website. What’s more, it is advisable to set up a proprietary mail server or other resources sooner or later.

So neglecting the requirements placed in the processor (CPU), the working memory (RAM) and the hard drive capacity (memory) would be fatal. And it’s a great feeling as well to have your own inexpensive root server whose resources are exclusively at your disposal.

Affordable VPS for personal use or smaller businesses

Virtual private server or VPS (aka vServers) are so competitively priced because they share the physical hard drive and other resources like CPU and RAM with many others as well. But users will not notice this at all: And you will still have root access to your VPS (with Linux as the operating system), so you still have complete control over your server configuration. The CPU and RAM you have been promised will be available to you in all cases also. The technology used for vServers is very affordable all the same, making them ideal for smaller websites and shops. You have sufficient leeway to customize your project – without placing a strain on your budget.

Affordable servers in a variety of pricing models

Whether it’s an inexpensive dedicated server or a VPS: The IONOS pricing models ensure that you never pay more than is absolutely necessary in the beginning. You can switch easily to a bigger package if your project blossoms and grows. Dedicated servers are also available to rent in Flex Mode: Simply put together the CPU, RAM and memory you need to satisfy your individual requirements.

IONOS servers with Linux

Linux is very stable and secure. You’ll have every right to trust in the reliability of your system. It is virtually immune to viruses and comes with a neatly structured user interface. Automatic daily backups that are kept for up to 14 days provide added security for the Linux vServers by IONOS. You can also monitor all the services in your browser and even with your mobile phone on request. What’s more, Linux gives you access to plenty of open source options that are free of charge and therefore ease the strain on your budget.

IONOS servers with Windows

Windows vServers are ideal for novices without advanced IT skills who are keen to enjoy the benefits of a server but would prefer to leave management in the safe hands of experts. Admin rights and therefore the ultimate authority remains with you, of course. A Windows vServer by IONOS also gives you automatic backups and mobile monitoring, as well as the option to install any applications you like simply and smoothly.

A server by IONOS:
Affordable yet completely secure

  • IONOS prioritizes secure transfer and storage of your data

  • An SSL certificate is included with each server, as customers place more trust in SSL-protected shops than in the unprotected variety.
  • Redundant data storage is also ensured: This way your data cannot be lost, even if a physical server breaks down.

  • IONOS data centres are TÜV-certified according to ISO 27001, Which is equivalent to the data security offered by banks or insurance firms.

Secure, affordable servers with the necessary flexibility by IONOS.

Whether as a private user or for business purposes: You can also benefit from the reliable VPS or dedicated servers by IONOS as a solid foundation for your Internet project: Select either a Windows or Linux operating system and then adjust the CPU, RAM and storage space to suit any additional requirements later on.

Numerous security features keep your data perfectly safe.

Simply contact the IONOS team of experts by telephone, mail or chat if you have any questions or problems.