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IONOS cloud servers: Flexible resources and prices

Ideal for companies, agencies, and developers

When is it sensible to rent a cloud server?

A cloud server is the best option if you want to blend maximum flexibility with unbeatable cost efficiency for your company website and other proprietary applications. Cloud servers are therefore particularly suitable for the following usage scenarios:

  • eCommerce platforms

    Websites with highly fluctuating traffic

  • Development environments

    Platform as a Service (PaaS) for developers and agencies

  • Proprietary applications

    ERP and CRM solutions, for example

IONOS Cloud for enterprise IT

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) means you are provided with a broad range of applications that facilitate the running of a small- to medium-sized enterprise. Up to 40 apps are at your disposal, which you can install and use with just a few clicks. Besides CMS such as WordPress, you can also access shop platforms like Magento. Benefit from a financial or enterprise resource management system like ERPNext or use the ticketing system Mantis to handle in-house tasks.

The IONOS Cloud gives you root access, ensuring maximum flexibility for the organization and configuration of your enterprise applications.

The Managed Cloud for agencies and developers — PaaS

Do you develop web applications that you need to test for a range of server environments? IONOS Managed Cloud will make your work a whole lot easier! The Managed Cloud offers you PaaS (Platform as a Service), which means that it only takes a few clicks to select the stack combination you need, and just a short time later the stack will be at your fingertips. Of course, you can also build your own custom stack (i.e. a combination of web server , database, and script language). Popular applications like WordPress or Drupal are easily integrated as well.

As the name suggests, the Managed Cloud does not give you root access, but in return you don’t have the bother of maintaining and updating the stack software—the experts from IONOS take care of this on your behalf.

Cloud servers are cost-efficient thanks to pay-as-you-go

Whether you pick the IONOS Cloud or the Managed Cloud: with both products you only pay for what you actually use, with per-minute billing. You only pay for the RAM, storage, and CPU load, e.g. for event-related video streams (sporting events), for as long as you place the videos online.

A stack that you install on your cloud server, but only use rarely for test purposes, will take up very little storage space at a low cost. This means you do not have to uninstall the stack when it’s not in use.
The IONOS Cloud Panel keeps you up to date with your costs so far.

Your IONOS cloud server: big on security

A wildcard SSL certificate is at your disposal so you can assure your visitors that the data they transfer is protected. A URL with “https” in the address is vital for Internet shops in particular. You can also select the location of your cloud server and benefit from TÜV certification according to ISO 27001 for server locations in Germany—for maximum protection of your data. In addition to this highly secure environment, you will benefit from other backup and monitoring features, which virtually eliminate the risk of data loss or incorrect system configuration.

What is a cloud server?

Cloud servers are designed to offer complete flexibility for server capacities. Cloud server resources (CPUs or processor units, RAM or working memory, memory or hard drive storage) can be deployed using physically separate servers or just parts of a single server, depending on requirements. You can also adjust the cloud server resources at any time, for instance if your project grows or you need less than you originally anticipated.

Compared to conventional servers with defined service packages, cloud servers promise improved cost control—especially when it is hard to predict which resources you will need. And while cloud servers also start with a basic configuration, it is easier to adapt to actual requirements later on. With IONOS, this option is even available as a hot swap.

Transparent cost structures and per-minute billing are important factors when considering offers for cloud servers, as they enable you to intelligently adjust your cloud resources.