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Development and testing

Are you looking for flexible infrastructure that can support as many different scenarios as possible? Our server and cloud products offer everything you need for a development and test environment.

Highly flexible and scalable

If you’re developing websites, microservices or cloud apps, you need an environment that’s separate from the production system. To ensure technical issues can be identified and fixed during the test phase, you also need an environment that matches the production system as closely as possible. In addition, developers should be able to set up these environments at short notice, and launch applications instantly. All this makes flexibility and scalability essential.

  • Custom software stacks

    You need a flexible development and test environment that can be configured to match the production system as closely as possible.

  • Kubernetes

    You need Kubernetes for the efficient development of complex server applications.

  • Scalability

    You need a scalable development and test environment that can model various scenarios at short notice.

  • Reduced costs

    You need a straightforward and cost-effective solution for a small development and test environment.

Managed Cloud (PaaS)

Managed Cloud (PaaS) offers custom software stacks and dedicated resources for your development and test environment. From the user-friendly Cloud Panel, you can easily combine platforms, tools and scripting languages. CPU performance, RAM, and storage are automatically allocated according to the requirements of each stack.

On Managed Cloud (PaaS), we handle the server management and software updates for you. Security is also ensured, with a full range of safeguards including a central firewall and the latest SIEM and IDS/IPS technologies. With everything taken care of, you can focus on developing your projects.

Kubernetes as a Service

With Kubernetes as a Service, the Kubernetes software comes preconfigured. Save time and get started with the Kubernetes orchestration system instantly – it’s ideal for developing container-based applications and microservices.

Kubernetes as a Service also lets you develop your projects in parallel at several locations. With everything on a common platform, you only have to move container images and metadata from one registry to another.


IONOS Cloud offers maximum scalability and flexibility. Need increased performance for your test runs? Add resources or additional servers on demand – it’s simple via the intuitive Cloud Panel or our fully documented API.

With IONOS Cloud, you can configure servers with a choice of the latest Linux and Windows operating systems, plus a range of pre-installed apps. And of course, you have full control to run any software of your choice.

vServer (VPS)

Our vServer (VPS) product provides an affordable solution for your development and test environment. Choose a package with the level of performance to suit your requirements, and benefit from free and unlimited traffic.

A vServer (VPS) package gives you a choice of Linux and Windows operating systems, plus full admin rights to configure your server according to your needs. The Plesk Onyx software is also available to provide convenient and secure server management.

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