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Your Value Dedicated Server

General & service


Unlimited traffic, without any automatic throttling.

Server bandwidth

External connection of the server with 1 Gbit/s (X8i, X10i) or 100 Mbit/s.


Visit our Community to share your thoughts with server enthusiasts and experts to build networks, discuss topics, and stay up-to-date with the latest developments.

24/7 support

24/7 support by server experts.

Free email support

Free email support from our qualified team of experts.


Operating systems and administration


IPv4 addresses

One IPv4 address included.


Additional IP addresses

Assign multiple public IPv4 addresses to your servers.

optional, up to 7

IPv6 addresses

One IPv6/56 network included.



Subdomains via our DNS server, unlimited via Plesk.

up to 10,000

External domains

Unlimited integration of external domains by other providers.

DNS management

Individual configuration of DNS records (e.g. for external domains or proprietary mail and DNS server services).


Call us

0333 336 5691

We're available to talk 24/7