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Domains & Hosting
Get your business blooming

Sow the seeds of success this spring

Isn't it time you spruced up your web presence and improved your bottom line?

Kick start the new season by taking control of your business

Spring cleaning is a great way to start the season. Here are a few ideas about how to boost your business potential and refresh your brand image.

Professional email to boost your brand

Free email addresses are very convenient, but don't you want to look trustworthy and credible to your customers? With a customised email address that matches your domain name, you can be confident that you look professional and people are taking you seriously.

Another way to improve your image is to make your company look bigger with multiple email addresses. Our Mail Basic package lets you set up 25 different email accounts for your website. You can also redirect them all to one account, keeping things simple.

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Breathe new life into your website

It's so easy to build your own website on your own domain, and it looks much more professional to visitors when they see you really mean business. MyWebsite's templates make website building a breeze. So what are you waiting for? Get rid of that free, ad-laden hosting and make your own mark on the world today!

Also, did you know that updating your website has a positive impact on SEO? So try MyWebsite and give your old webspace a new lease of life.

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You've KonMari'd your home, what about your office?

You probably already have a cloud storage folder out there somewhere – maybe even more than one. Why not consolidate everything on one platform so you always know where your important files are?

Using an online storage platform like HiDrive ensures you have access to all your important papers without sifting through all the different piles. You'll even be able to find files more easily – and your tidy desk will definitely spark joy!

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Take your website in for a springtime checkup

Website Checker

Is your website fully optimised?

The IONOS Website Checker reviews four aspects of your website that are important to your online success – presentation, accessibility, security, and speed – and offers tips on how to optimise your potential.
SEO Checker

How is your website ranked on Google?

Our SEO Checker assesses all the crucial aspects of search engine optimisation. Among other things, you will receive a detailed analysis of the following areas: on-page SEO, off-page SEO, responsive web design, and social media SEO.
SSL Checker

Is your website secure?

Our SSL Checker looks at the security of your website to see if you have an SSL certificate installed, and whether it's correctly configured. Did you know Google ranks SSL-encrypted websites slightly better?
Your personal consultant

Tailored advice. Tips for online success. Technical support. Available via a direct phone number, chat and email. Free of charge for all IONOS customers.

Award-winning support

We're always working to improve our customer support, and we're proud to have won several awards. These include Best Customer Engagement Initiative and Best Use of Customer Insight.