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Is your website fully optimised?

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What is the Website Checker?

The Website Checker analyses your website to see how well equipped it is for online success, and gives you tips on how you can improve it.

You can implement many of these tips immediately yourself, and IONOS offers additional products to help you take advantage of the full range of advice.

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What does the Checker test?

The Website Checker reviews four aspects of your website that are important for your online success:

  • Website presentation
  • Accessibility via search engines
  • Website security
  • Website speed

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How does the tool work?

The Website Checker visits the specified internet address as if it was a visitor to your website or a search engine.

Then, the Website Checker analyses the source code of your site. Customer data is not used for the analysis at any time.

What aspects of my site are reviewed by the Website Checker?

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Website presentation

You may ask why the design of your website is important. The answer lies in how user-friendly your website is, as these days, more and more users are visiting via mobile. That's why having a mobile responsive designed website is now more vital than ever before.

Be present online

  • Optimised for mobile devices
  • Favicon usage
  • Touch icon usage
  • Page title presence
  • Domain length

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Search engine visibility

As the use of search engines has risen steadily in recent years, it's vital that your website is visible on search engine result pages – a surefire way to considerably increase traffic to your website. Check the SEO performance of your page and receive handy tips and recommendations on how to improve your site's visibility.

Get found

  • Page title
  • Page description
  • Page content
  • Social Media
  • Sitemaps

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Website security

In addition, your website should also be safe, because a secure and technically sound website is a proven way of gaining the trust of potential customers for your business. Stay on the safe side and see if your website fulfills all of the security aspects our online checker reviews.

Be secure

  • Cookie protection
  • SSL encryption
  • Apache status
  • Server version visibility

Icon: speedometer

Website speed

Slow website loading times can be a hindrance to your business as they can put potential customers off buying through your site, or stop readers from viewing articles and information. The checker provides details on your website's performance and shows you whether any action is required in order to improve speeds.

Be fast

  • CDN activation
  • Size of your website
  • GZ compression

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Website Checker

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

You can review the most important aspects of your website with the free Website Checker. This will provide you with useful, concrete recommendations and suggestions which you can directly use to improve your site. Once your website has been checked, you will receive a website analysis. It will offer you recommendations, which, depending on the importance of the performance criteria for your homepage, will be labelled either "necessary action" or "recommended action".

In order to give you a comprehensive picture of the complete performance of your website, you will also see results which highlight the areas that are performing well.

A regular website analysis from IONOS gives you the opportunity to monitor the impact – positive or negative – of any changes you make to your website over time. Providing you correctly implement the recommendations given by the IONOS Website Checker, you should always achieve a higher score for your website the next time you conduct a website check. To ensure your site is always improving, we recommend regularly taking advantage of the free Website Checker.

Today, the internet comprises of more than a billion websites. The competition, especially for free organic traffic to websites, is at an all-time high. Companies, bloggers and administrators who seek to increase the audience of their websites, must meet a growing list of requirements and demands, e.g. from search engines like Google. So if you want to make sure you're on the right track, you might want to consider the following checklist:

  • How long does it take for my website to load?
  • Is the content of my website displayed correctly on mobile devices?
  • Is the level of security for my visitors sufficient, e.g. in terms of encryption via SSL?
  • Is my website visible on major search engines like Google?

If you would like to learn more about submitting URLs to the major search engines, please read the following article: Registering a website and submitting URLs to Google

No. The Website Checker only provides information on whether your page is visible on search engines like Google. In addition, you'll receive an overview of how your site is displayed in the search results. A more detailed look at how you can improve search engine optimisation for your site is available with the IONOS SEO Check.

No. Unfortunately, the website checker does not provide you with free data on a given website's traffic statistics. Unlike other tools, there is also no paid "PRO" version available that would allow you to run a website traffic test. We know the idea is enticing and we might come up with a solution for you in the near future. However, for now, the best thing we can do is refer you to other tools that will get the job done for you.

So here is a selection of free online website traffic checkers: gives you a free estimate of a website's traffic with number of total visits, avg. visit duration, pages per visit and bounce rate on an aggregated level for both, desktop, and mobile web traffic. also has a free version of web page traffic stats available. It gives you an overview of organic search traffic, paid search traffic as well as the share of branded vs non-branded used to be another great resource to turn to, but now, the service will only let you see data if you sign up for a free trial period.

No. Unfortunately, this feature is currently not available. Nevertheless, if you want to make sure you do not become the victim of an online scam, you should follow a few simple rules:

  • Inspect the URL closely. Does it show any signs of manipulation or is it an altered form of the original website?
  • Take a close look at the SSL certificate. Make sure it is a https secured website that can ideally be traced back to an organisation or company.
  • Does the website indicate that it adheres to the guidelines of certain trust seal providers? Make sure you do not just see images of these security seals (like "Norton"), but that these third parties have actually listed the website you want to conduct business with.