Setting Up Synchronisation in the HiDrive Software

In addition to a system-side integration with a protocol, such as WebDAV, you can also synchronise HiDrive directories with your PC or Mac using the HiDrive app. This article shows you how to do this.

Setting Up Synchronisation

  • Open the Windows Explorer.
  • Make sure that the navigation pane is displayed. It is activated in the top menu line under View > Navigation Pane.
  • In the navigation pane, right-click on IONOS HiDrive > HiDrive Settings.
  • Select the Synchronisation tab. If you are using the HiDrive app for the first time, this tab is automatically displayed and must be activated with the Set up synchronisation button.
  • Define the location on your computer where the synchronised data is to be stored in HiDrive.
  • In the Selective synchronisation data group, decide whether you want to select individual folders or all folders of your HiDrive user (folder: Personal) for synchronisation.
  • Activate Synchronise shared files to include the HiDrive folder Shared in the synchronisation. In the article Sharing Files and Folders in HiDrive, you can find more details on this topic.
  • Finish your configuration with the Finish synchronisation button.

Modifying the Synchronisation

To change an already configured synchronisation, open the HiDriveApp > Tab: Synchronisation. Click the button Deactivate synchronisation and make your changes as described in the previous section.

Alternative Synchronisation Options

In addition to the integration directly via the HiDrive app, you can use the following protocols:

Please note that some protocols are only available in certain HiDrive packages. You can find out how to add missing protocols in this article.