Most popular domain extensions

Would you have guessed? These are the most popular domain extensions!


The most popular domain extensions (also called ‘top-level domains’ or ‘TLDs’ for short) have been available on the Internet for over thirty years. Millions of websites have opted for these endings. Country-specific domain extensions are up high in the top 10 list – is the .us...


WordPress SEO tips

WordPress SEO for beginners


SEO has always been important for online marketing. When it comes to e-commerce, if you don’t rank, you don’t sell. But many bloggers make the mistake of neglecting SEO methods. It’s possible to earn money with a blog, but the main focus should be on the content. The problem is...


Types of domain

What are the different types of domains?


When discussing web addresses, you’ll often come across terms like top-level domain, second-level domain, sub domain, ccTLD (country code top-level domains), and gTLD (generic top-level domains). What do all these different domain types mean and how many domain endings even...


E-mail etiquette: rules for the perfect e-mail

E-mail etiquette: tips for good internet communication


Every day, over 200 billion e-mails are sent around the world – although many of them aren’t received with much enthusiasm. In order for your business e-mails to stand out in all this chaos, you should pay attention to e-mail etiquette. If you stick to the most important rules,...


Website types

7 popular types of websites: Which is right for you?


There are more than 1.7 billion websites on the Internet. However, not all websites are created equal. If you want to be successful online, you will need a web page that engages your target group with its design, structure, and content. In this article, we will present the 7 most...


Promote your website

Promoting your website: crash course for beginners


There are well over one billion websites worldwide. If you’re a newcomer and want to improve your online presence, you need a well-thought-out strategy and a lot of patience. But solid online marketing efforts can give a website the desired reach. From SEM, to display, to mobile:...


Creating a website with WordPress: A Beginner’s Guide

Create your own WordPress website: It’s that easy!


Do you want to have your own website, but hardly have any programing skills? With a content management system, you can create a homepage for yourself or your company without HTML knowledge. Our WordPress guide will guide you step-by-step through the website making process, from...


Multiboot USB: How to create a Multiboot USB

If you need to reinstall Windows or Linux or alternatively repair damaged data, you’ll probably be familiar with using USB or CD. However, with a Multiboot USB, it is no longer necessary to have separate data mediums for each process: A Multiboot USB combines everything in one. We’ll tell you how this works.

Deleting an EA account: here’s how

Origin, better known as the ‘EA Desktop App’ is a download platform for the latest computer games from EA (Electronic Arts). Users need an EA account to download the games. However, if you no longer use the account, you should remove it if possible. We’ll show you how to delete an EA account.

IaaS, PaaS, SaaS – a comparison of cloud computing services

When programming web applications, there are various solutions that support developers with server configuration and data management. Depending on the service model, administrative efforts can be almost completely eliminated, so that development becomes the focus. With SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS, developers get services that scale easily and feature pay-as-you-use pricing models.

How to check your WordPress version

WordPress is the world’s most popular Content Management System (CMS) and is continually being updated to ensure it remains secure as more and more plugins are released. The new versions and upgrades are made available via the back end. But how do you find out what version of WordPress you have? Well, there are actually three ways. Some require you to log in, others don’t. Keep reading to find...

Website value: How much is my website worth?

How much is my website worth? If you’re considering selling your website, blog, or shop it’s important to assess how much your website is actually worth. Profits and visitor numbers are among some of the criteria that designate a website’s value. But there are other important criteria to look out for. Find out how much your website is worth using online tools.

Install WordPress with XAMPP quickly

A local WordPress installation provides a safe platform to build a new website or make changes to an existing site. Installing WordPress in XAMPP is a straightforward solution to quickly set up a local test environment. We show you how to install XAMPP and integrate it in WordPress step by step.

DNS leak

Are you concerned about maintaining your privacy and use a VPN when surfing? Great – but this can make you uniquely vulnerable, too. We will show you the dangers posed by DNS leaks and explain how you can effectively protect yourself against them. In the process, we also look at DNS leak testers.

DNS zone

Many Internet users have a basic idea of what the term ‘domain’ refers to. After all, domains are abundant on the Internet via URLs. If you delve deeper into the subject, though, it quickly becomes confusing. ‘Name server’, ‘DNS zone’, ‘zone file’: What do these terms mean, and how are the concepts related? We’ll shed some light on the topic here.

The best WooCommerce plugins: how to improve your online shop

  • CMS

Every online shop operator needs different functions for their site. If you have built your online shop with WooCommerce, numerous WooCommerce plugins – both free of charge and for a cost – offer the possibility to adapt your shop precisely to your requirements. We’ll introduce you to the most important WooCommerce plugins for marketing efforts, the buying process, and improved checkout processes....

What is grid computing?

More is more – this also applies to grid computing. This technology refers to a network of loosely connected computers that act as a virtual supercomputer. Grid computing networks provide more computing power and resources thanks to an interconnected computer cluster. Find out how grid computing works and how it differs from cloud computing.

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