Ipconfig – network administration via the command line

Ipconfig simplifies network administration and provides useful services for troubleshooting. By entering just a small amount of code in the command line, users can easily obtain important network configuration information and resolve problems. We will provide you with an overview of the ipconfig options available and demonstrate how to use this command through concrete examples.

What is Quarkus?

What is Quarkus?

Java has long been considered a firmly-established language in the IT industry. Applications written in Java run on just about any hardware. However, the technology is actually quite clunky. It can sometimes take up to 10 seconds to start up an application. This is unacceptable in the age of container-based microservices that are supposed to start at lightning speed. Quarkus has now shown that...

BIOS reset

BIOS reset – return your PC to its factory settings in a few steps

Do you plan on selling your desktop or laptop? Then you should reset the system setup to its factory settings. This guarantees that all settings run smoothly. But a BIOS reset may also be necessary after you purchase a used computer or after you’ve made changes to the system. Find out how you can reset the BIOS successfully.

Kinit command

Kinit command explained

To provide enhanced cyber security, the Kerberos security protocol uses an authorisation method based on the ticket granting process. To obtain or renew a ticket from the respective authentication server or key distribution center, the modifiable Kinit command is used. Here, we explain what the command is all about and how to use it in practice.

Linux pipes

Linux pipes explained

A Linux pipe allows two or more commands to be used so that the output of the first becomes the input for the next. In other words, the output of one process is redirected and used as input for another process. Learn how to use pipes in Linux here.

How to speed up my Mac

How to speed up my Mac: the best tips

Increase computing power and improve your user experience by making your Mac run faster! Over time, some Macs can slow down which may disrupt your workflow. Desktop memory can fill up quickly and often unnecessary background programs are to blame. But that needn’t be the case. We show you a few simple tricks, how you can speed up your Mac.

Add a user in Windows 11

Windows 11: Add user – here’s how

Do you need more than one user account in Windows 11? Adding new users is the easiest solution when sharing a device with other people. Optionally, you can create a new account in the Settings section, using password management or the Microsoft system prompt. In this article we’ll show you how it works.

Change Linux password

Change your Linux password easily

Like any operating system, Linux protects all user accounts with a password. You can change your Linux password if required to always keep your account secure. Learn how you or other users can get a new password in just a few steps, and how to make a user change their Linux password the next time they log in.

Mac: uninstall applications

How to uninstall an application on your Mac – here’s how

Free up space on your Mac’s hard drive and delete applications you don’t need (anymore) with just a few clicks. Our step-by-step instructions including screenshots will take you through the options you have via the Launchpad and Finder to delete an installed Mac application.

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