Photon OS

Photon OS: Container virtualisation by VMware

VMware created a very lean, secure, and powerful Linux distribution for container virtualisation: Photon OS. It has been optimised for the parent company’s platforms. We’ll explain what Photon OS is, what advantages and disadvantages the operating system has, and when you’d want to use it. Read our article to find out more.

Manjaro Linux

Manjaro Linux: The user-friendly version of Arch Linux

Manjaro Linux has made it its business to create a more user-friendly version of the lean and versatile Arch Linux. With the help of a graphical installation program and package management with its own frontend, even beginners can get to know this operating system with ease. Learn why Manjaro Linux is more than just a spin-off, and get to know the Linux distribution better.

Linux Mint

Linux Mint: The reliable Windows 11 alternative

If you are thinking about switching from Windows to Linux, Linux Mint is an excellent option. The free operating system is easy to understand, simple to install, and similar enough to the Microsoft system. Here we explain what Linux Mint is exactly, what advantages and disadvantages it has, and on which computers it can be run.

Kali Linux

Kali Linux: What is the ‘Hacker Linux’?

If you want to check your computer or network for vulnerabilities, recover lost data, or crack passwords, Kali Linux is the right operating system for you. The open source distribution offers over 600 security tools. We'll explain exactly what Kali Linux is, what capabilities it has, and why the system is also known as ‘Hacker Linux’.

Arch Linux

Arch Linux: The lightweight and flexible Linux distribution

The Linux distribution Arch Linux, optimised for AMD64, offers users maximum freedom and follows the KISS motto: ‘Keep it simple, stupid’. In our dedicated article, you will find out what Arch Linux is, what the special features of the system are, what advantages and disadvantages it has, and which users it is best suited to.

Windows 11 Backup

How to backup Windows 11

Don’t leave anything to chance when it comes to private or business files. Take precautions against possible data loss by regularly backing up photos, videos, documents, etc. Find out how to create a backup of the entire system or specific files or directories and folders in Windows 11.

Windows 10 automatic login

Windows 10: How to auto login without a password

If you’re a Windows 10 user, you know how annoying and time-consuming it is to enter your password or Windows Hello PIN every time you want to use your PC. It is even more annoying if you forget your password and are then stuck. Follow the instructions in our article to set up an automatic login for Windows 10 to make life easier.

Windows 11 automatic login

Windows 11: Automatic login without password

Windows 11 users will know how time consuming and inconvenient it can be to enter your password every time you restart your PC or wake it from standby mode. Not to mention, forgetting your password may cause you even bigger problems. Are you thinking about removing the password prompt from your device? Our guide will outline how to set up an automatic login in Windows 11.

Windows 11 Dark Mode

How to switch to Dark Mode in Windows 11

‘Dark modes’ have been popular in applications and operating systems for several years now. The dark themes are supposed to be easier on the PC user’s eyes, and they’re aesthetically pleasing. Windows 11 has a dark mode, which can be switched on and off in the settings, via the registry or third-party software. We’ll show you how to enable dark mode in Windows 11.

How to take a screenshot on Windows

How to take a screenshot on Windows

Screenshots let you show others what’s currently on your screen with just a few clicks. This can be important in your everyday work as well as in your free time. But how do you take a screenshot on Windows? Luckily, Windows already has the necessary tools you’ll need built in. Our article explains how to use them correctly.

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