Fixing SSH Errors

Fixing SSH errors

Learn how to resolve some of the most common errors you may receive when connecting to a server with SSH. You can find the most common errors in this guide.

Dropbox vs. Google Drive

Dropbox vs. Google Drive: comparing cloud storage services

Cloud storage can be used for a variety of functions including sharing photos, collaborating on documents and backing up important files. There are loads of cloud storage solution providers to choose from. In the following article, we will compare two of the longest standing ones out there and their key features. Dropbox vs. Google Drive – which provider should you choose?

Cloud disaster recovery

Cloud Disaster Recovery: well-prepared for worst case scenario

One of the biggest tasks for IT managers is to ensure the long-term security of data, software, and hardware. Where issues arise, a rapid recovery is essential. Cloud Disaster Recovery (Cloud DR) is a concept that is ideally suited for these purposes. But what exactly distinguishes cloud protection and how does it differ from conventional backup solutions?

Nextcloud apps

Nextcloud apps: The top ten for desktop and smartphone

From the communication tool Nextcloud Talk to the online notebook Nextcloud Notes to the mobile ingredient and recipe directory Cookbook, Nextcloud offers numerous apps for desktop and smartphones. Here you can find out which ten Nextcloud apps are currently the best, what features they offer, and for whom the individual apps are particularly suitable.

Docker container

Docker container

Application virtualisation with Docker containers is very popular. However, the subject may seem difficult to grasp at first because of all the concepts involved. The relationship between a Docker image and a Docker container often seems particularly confusing. In this article, we will explain what Docker containers are all about. We will go into detail about their structure, creation, and use.

Data centre security

How secure is a data centre?

When people talk about how secure cloud services are, they usually focus on issues such as data protection and defence against cyber-attacks. A major fire at a French cloud provider in early March raised the question of how well Internet data centres are protected against physical threats such as fire. What should cloud users bear in mind when choosing their provider and is there anything they can...

What are data centres?

What are data centres?

Many businesses rely on their websites being available online 24/7. Technical failures can lead to significant losses in sales depending on the duration of an outage. To avoid these issues, larger companies rely on structures provided by a data centre. This allows them to centralise and better organise their data processing and IT services. But what are data centres anyway?

Xbox Cloud Gaming (xCloud)

Xbox Cloud Gaming (xCloud): A portrait of Microsoft’s service

Xbox Cloud Gaming (formerly xCloud) is Microsoft’s video game streaming service. With a large selection of titles, the Xbox manufacturer wants to convince PC, smartphone, and tablet owners of the quality of its own games. We will show you whether xCloud is worthwhile for you and what advantages and disadvantages it provides.

What is filesharing?

What is filesharing?

Filesharing is when you share documents, music, videos, images, etc. on computer networks or obtain such content from other users. But what exactly is file sharing? And what are the different ways of sharing files with other people on the Internet and other networks? Everything you need to know about file sharing can be found here.

Send large files

How to send large files: it’s free with these providers

Many free email providers such as Gmail and Outlook set a limit between 20 and 25 MB for sending large file attachments. But you can also make large file transfers using free, third-party providers. These use download links and cloud storage to send large file sizes. We’ll show you how it works in our dedicated article.

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