The 10 best AI text generators

When it comes to writing and editing texts, AI text generators have improved considerably in the past few years. When looking for an AI tool for text creation, you shouldn’t just choose one at random. It’s best to evaluate different tools and find one that excels at the type of texts you want to create.

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Overview of the best AI text generators

AI text generators can be used for a variety of writing purposes. If you need to write content for a website, artificial intelligence can carry out a lot of tasks in the writing process that would otherwise take up a lot of time. In addition to creating well-formulated texts for different subpages, for example, for About Me pages or About Us pages, some AI tools can also instantly create SEO content, allowing you to strengthen your web presence.


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The number of AI tools on the market can make it difficult to get a clear idea of what there is to choose from. In addition to numerous AI image generators and AI video generators, there is also now a range of AI tools that can create texts. Sifting through countless AI tools to find the best AI websites can quickly become a challenge with all the different options there are to choose from. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best AI text generators here:

Tool Category Price
ChatGPT All types of texts Free – approx. £16/month
Jasper AI Marketing & SEO content approx. £31/month – £80/month
Neuroflash Behavioral marketing approx. £25/month – £343/month
WriteSonic Various types of texts Free – £800/month
Frase SEO content approx. £12/month – £92/month Marketing text generation Free – Price upon request
Scalenut SEO content approx. £16 – £60/month
Writer Content marketing approx. £14/month – Price available upon request
Hypotenuse AI Product descriptions approx. £12/month – Price available upon request
Rytr Wide range of texts Free – approx. £23/month


Probably the most-well known AI text generator, ChatGPT can not only generate texts and code based on short input prompts, it also has a variety of other functions. For example, existing texts can be rewritten, or the tone of a text can be changed from formal to informal and vice versa. It’s also possible to specify the length of a text and any keywords that should be used. However, it’s important to keep in mind that while the capabilities of ChatGPT are immense, it sometimes produces texts that contain factual errors. Depending on the data and topic, ChatGPT may provide incorrect answers. You should, therefore, always use it with caution, especially when using it for professional purposes or critical situations.

If you are looking for a free AI text generator, you’re in luck, because you don’t have to pay anything for the basic version (GP 3.5). For around £16 per month, however, you can use the more powerful version (GPT-4), which has faster response times and comes with exclusive access to features like browsing, plugins and a code interpreter.

Screenshot of ChatGPT’s user interface
ChatGPT (Source:
Advantages Disadvantages
Impressive performance and can be used for a wide range of tasks Dataset partially outdated, which can lead to incorrect information being generated
Code generation Code can only be used for simple programming tasks/applications
Excellent orthographic capabilities Texts are more generalised
Saves time when creating SEO texts Keyword research has to be carried out manually
Free version available Due to high demand, the free version is often not accessible

Jasper AI

In contrast to ChatGPT, which can be used for a wide range of tasks, Jasper specialises in creating SEO content. The AI writer is the perfect choice when you need to write content for your website. Jasper is also great for copywriting. All you need to do is provide information about the copy that you want to create, and the AI marketing software will automatically produce SEO-optimised copy. Jasper can create content in more than 25 languages, including Chinese, German and Spanish. The only drawback is that this AI text generator is not free. Packages start at approx. £31/month and can be set up on a monthly or annual basis.

Screenshot of Jasper website
Jasper AI (Source:
Advantages Disadvantagees
Optimised for content creation (capable of different formats, e.g., blog and social media posts) Not suitable for creative texts
Choice of different templates, over 2,500 different writing styles Lack of personalisation
User-friendly No free version available
Support for 26 languages -
Chrome extension makes it possible to use from anywhere -


You can also create content with the German AI software Neuroflash. This tool is especially useful for creating German texts. There are more than 100 text templates, including templates for blog articles, social media posts, product descriptions and category descriptions. Neuroflash uses the GPT model to generate AI texts and can also generate pictures. With the free version, you can have up to 2,000 words per month generated. Pricing for other versions of Neuroflash range from €30 to €400 (£25 – £368) a month and are determined by word limit and the scope of additional features.

Screenshot of Neuroflash UI
Neuroflash (Source:
Advantages Disadvantages
Optimised for creating content, can write content in different formats like blogs and social media posts Not suitable for generating creative texts
Choice of over 100 text templates Only supports seven languages
Different workflows Sometimes longer waiting times
Free version with up to 2,000 words/month Unlimited amount of words only possible with most expensive package


Similar to ChatGPT, Writesonic is an all-purpose AI text generator. Whether it’s copy, captions, social media posts or emails, this versatile tool offers a wide variety of templates for different kinds of texts. What’s more, Writesonic is one of the few AI software programs that lets you choose which GPT version should be used when creating a text. While texts that the AI software creates with GPT-4 may cost more money, they’re more likely to be superior in quality. The software also includes features for summarising, paraphrasing and shortening texts so you can easily put extra finishing touches on your content. Compared to other AI text generators, the user interface is relatively simple. Up to 10,000 words per month are free and for approx. £15 per month you can have up to 100,000 words generated.

Screenshot of Writesonic’s website
Writesonic (Source:
Advantages Disadvantages
Impressive performance and can be used for a variety of tasks Manual processing and quality control required to avoid potential discrepancies
Free version comes with up to 10,000 words/month Reduced number of features in free version
Large selection of text templates Credit system may be impractical
Choice of GPT version -
Additional tools for improving content -


Frase is a powerful tool for conducting keyword research and comes with a built-in AI text generator. The AI software can also analyse articles based on specific keywords. After the analysis is complete, Frase provides suggestions for how to change content so that it performs better in Googe rankings.

The AI text generator can also automate the creation of content briefs. Upon receiving a keyword, Frase is able to provide important information about the keyword, such as frequently asked questions. Having this information instantly available can simplify your content creation process. Frase also collects information about the keyword from pages that rank highly for the keyword. The data is then analysed and used to generate high-quality AI texts. The software starts at approx. £12/month. With this package, up to four articles can be written or optimised per month. This limit can only be exceeded by purchasing the company’s most expensive package, which costs approx. £92 per month.

Screenshot of Frase website
Frase (Source:
Advantages Disadvantages
Impressive SEO tool that can be used for a variety of tasks Not suitable for creative texts
Automated content creation Not able to create quality content for every topic or niche
Lots of useful features for SEO optimisation Some of the features are limited to a maximum of 400 words
- Most affordable package only allows for four texts/month, need to purchase the most expensive package to use software for an unlimited number of texts

Learn about how to incorporate the inverted pyramid principle into your content in our Digital Guide. is another multi-purpose AI text generator. With more than 90 templates available, the software can create a variety of texts, ranging from Instagram posts to marketing emails. The question-based workflow is well thought out and ideal for creating high-quality content. Similar to ChatGPT, the AI software is able to write texts based on a short prompt. can also create content in more than 25 languages, including French, Japanese, and Spanish. Once the texts are written, they can be edited and optimised in a user-friendly dashboard before you publish them online. With the free version, you can receive up to 2,000 words/month. To go beyond this word limit and get access to additional features, you’ll need to purchase one of the paid packages, which start at approx. £39/month.

Screenshot of homepage (Source:
Advantages Disadvantages
Impressive performance, can be used for a range of different formats including blogs and social media posts Older dataset can lead to incorrect information being generated
Choice of over 90 different templates Lack of individuality
User-friendly Text limit in the free version
Supports over 25 languages -
Useful features like grammar and tone check -


Scalenut is another AI text generator that specialises in SEO content. With over 40 templates to choose from, the software is able to research, create and optimise different types of content quickly and efficiently. Additionally, the AI-powered SEO and content marketing platform has a number of helpful tools that can be used for keyword research and content planning. In Cruise mode, long-form blog posts can be generated in five minutes, with suggestions and SEO feedback provided in real time to ensure an optimal ranking in search results. Scalenut is powered by a combination of technologies. Like most AI text generators, it uses OpenAI’s GPT-3 for text generation. In addition, Scalenut also uses its own AI and NLP models. Thanks to the Chrome extension, the software can be used from anywhere. The AI text generator, however, is not free. Packages start at approx. £16/month, which allows for 100,000 words to be generated per month. Packages starting at £32/month, however, don’t have a word limit.

Scalenut homepage
Scalenut (Source:
Advantages Disadvantages
Impressive SEO tool that can be used for a variety of tasks Not suitable for creative texts
Over 40 templates Not capable of generating the right type of content for certain niche topics
Lots of useful tools for SEO optimisation Word limit for lower priced package, no free version
Chrome extension -


Writer is one of the few AI text generators that is not based on GPT. This software uses the customer’s own data for training. Writer then analyses the most successful blog posts, landing pages, advertisements, emails and social media channels, in order to adapt itself to the preferences of the brand or company that it is generating content for. By doing so, the tool can be used for different purposes, including generating requirements, content marketing, content design, and product and brand marketing. When you use this tool, you can also join the Writer community, where leading content developers offer advice on how to scale content. During the two-week trial, you can test all of the features free of charge. The paid package costs approx. £14/month.

Writer homepage
Writer (Source:
Advantages Disadvantages
Impressive tool for branded content Restricted to content produced by the brand
Team collaboration capabilities Most affordable package limited to 5 users
Free trial -
SEO-optimised content -
Integration with popular tools and platforms -

Learn more about what machine learning is and how it works in our Digital Guide.

Hypotenuse AI

Hypotenuse AI is specially designed to create product descriptions for ecommerce websites. With this tool, you can accelerate and optimise content creation for online shops. Hypotenuse AI uses GPT technology to generate detailed, SEO-optimised product descriptions so you don’t have to write every product description yourself.

The AI text generator stands out from other tools with its batch processing function, which makes it possible to generate large amounts of product descriptions and SEO texts in a short amount of time. This AI tool was created with a focus on companies that are looking to save time and money by automating routine writing tasks. With its powerful algorithms, Hypotenuse AI can also analyse customer data in order to provide personalised product suggestions.

Hypotenuse AI homepage
Hypotenuse AI (Source:
Advantages Disadvantages
Powerful tool for product descriptions Limited amount of use cases
Saves time by generating thousands of product descriptions in a short timeframe From an SEO perspective, length of generated content too short
Product descriptions are often SEO-optimised No keyword suggestions in real time
Multilingual -
Integration with popular tools and platforms -


Rytr is a versatile AI text generator that is free and can be used to write reviews, emails, blogs, social media posts and text for landing pages. In order to get started creating content, all you need to do is provide the software with a short description. Thanks to a grammar check feature, all of the texts are also free of any grammatical errors. With the Rytr SEO Analyzer, you can identify keywords that rank best for your text and create a briefing for SEO-optimised content in mere seconds. Thanks to the Chrome extension, you can also create content in more than 30 different languages while you are on the go. In addition to AI-generated texts, Rytr can also create images. For a monthly fee of approx. £23, you can have up to 100 images created per month.

Rytr UI
Rytr (Source:
Advantages Disadvantages
Versatile product description tool Not as well developed as other AI text generators
Inexpensive Free version comes with a limited range of functions
Keyword research Lack of other useful tools
Multilingual -
Chrome extension -

How to improve your online presence with AI text generators

AI text generators have evolved significantly in the last few years and can be used for a wide range of tasks. With AI text tools, you can take an efficient approach to improving your online presence, saving you a considerable amount of time and effort in your content creation and SEO workflows.

  • Content creation: with AI-generated texts, you can create a large amount of content such as blogs, product descriptions and landing pages in a short amount of time. Leveraging these tools allows you to regularly offer relevant content that speaks to your users and at the same time boosts your Google ranking.
  • SEO optimisation: many of these tools also offer special features for generating SEO-optimised content. You can use these features to improve the visibility of your website in search engine results.
  • Social media posts: AI text generators can create social media posts, allowing you to strengthen your social media presence and encourage user engagement.
  • Personalisation: AI tools also let you use your own content and data to create personalised content, improving the overall UX on your website.
  • Quick updating: in rapidly changing industries, AI text generators can help you to quickly integrate the latest information and trends in your content. This ensures that your online presence is up to date and appealing to users.
  • Optimal product descriptions: AI text generators can also help you to create good product descriptions that are optimised for SEO. Not only can this have a positive effect on your search engine ranking, it can also positively impact your sales.

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