How to create a “About us” page (with Examples)

When you create or revise a corporate website, you’ll undoubtedly have some hurdles to overcome: Does the technology work? Does the web design appeal to our target group? When it comes to content, the homepage and product pages are still being fine-tuned. However, the ‘About Us’ page usually gets too little attention – although it can make a decisive contribution to the success of a website.

The About Us page is one of the most visited pages on corporate websites. Here, we explain why it’s so important and provide inspiration and guidance so that you can quickly create an About Us page that will give visitors a positive impression of your business – even without any training in copywriting.

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Why is an About Us page important?

An About Us page has one primary goal: to build website visitors’ trust in your business. You can do this by adding a human touch to the hard facts.

Awaken emotions, build sympathy

In an About Us text, you should explore your company’s history, your values, and your company vision, and maybe even introduce your team. In this way, you offer website visitors the chance to make an emotional connection with your company. If you think that emotions don’t matter when it comes to buying hand soap or steel beams, then you should know that it’s a psychological fact that emotions are involved in every purchase decision. People are more likely to make a purchase from companies that they classify not only as competent, but also as likeable.

One element on the About Us page that is becoming increasingly important is to present your company’s corporate philosophy. Customers are increasingly paying attention to whether products are manufactured sustainably as well as a company’s take on social responsibility. Use the About Us text to offer identification possibilities.

Reinforce competence

‘Soft’ factors make your company unique. However, likeability and commonality are not enough to motivate website visitors to buy. Potential buyers must also have the confidence that your company offers exactly the right and the best offer to fulfil their need.

That’s why you should use the About Us text to emphasise your company’s skills and experience in a condensed way, using facts, figures, and data. How many customer projects have you successfully completed? Do you have any awards to show for it? What certifications have your products received? Make it easy for website visitors to find rational reasons why they’re in safe hands with you.


Integrate a contact form or a call to action on your page, so that you can check how effective your About Us text is. If the numbers don’t go up after several months, then you should probably rethink your content.

About Us page: 3 examples as inspiration

What pattern should your About Us text follow to convey competence and inspire sympathy? There is no universal template for an About Us page. On the one hand, this is disappointing because it means you have to do a little more creative thinking. On the other hand, it’s good news because you can’t go wrong – as long as you follow a few basic tips.

The following three About Us examples prove that you can go for a very different structure, length, and tone, depending on your company’s philosophy and industry.


The examples are taken from other companies’ About Us pages. If you’re looking for tips and inspiration for About Me pages for example, for your own website, you can find it in our guide to About Me pages.

Example 1: Anton & Irene

The design studio Anton and Irene proves that you can create a powerful About Us page with little text.

The focus is on the customer and how the design studio can best accommodate customers’ needs by taking a truly hands-on approach. In just a few sentences, the About Us text gives visitors a good idea of what they can expect, and the website provides clear examples of clients they have worked with and how interested users can get in touch. The example shows that a clear and pared-back approach sometimes says more than a full paragraph of text.

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Example 2: Engel & Völkers

In the forefront of the About Us page of the real estate agency Engel & Völkers focuses less on the human factor and more on the company’s competencies.

The company provides an overview of its history, its values, and its key successes. Illustrations break up the page, which are designed to match with the company’s overall corporate identity. You don’t have to mention every milestone in the body text. Integrate graphics. A large-scale illustration in which you highlight your successes and statistics will catch users’ attention.

Engel & Völkers’ About Us page also shows that comprehensiveness doesn’t have to come at the expense of clarity. By using jump labels after the first paragraph, website visitors can find the information they’re looking for more quickly. After individual sections, users can use buttons to jump to in-depth pages. In this way, the actual About Us page remains short and compact.

Example 3: Your Superfoods

The About Us page of Your Superfoods has one clear goal: instilling trust in the product. Particularly in the food and wellness sector, it’s important to dispel customers’ reservations about the effects and compatibility of products and to position yourself as a reputable provider.

In its About Us text, Your Superfoods tells the personal story of the founders and also lets customers have their say in the video. Customer statements are more credible than just having claims by the company. Press comments and references to the company’s own media appearances are known to have a similar effect.

As a further confidence booster, Your Superfoods relies on quality promises and certificates. Instead of just using colourful certifications, they use their About Us text to explain the values behind their quality requirements. The message: Your health is close to our hearts.


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The About Us page: templates and ideas

The examples of the About Us pages prove that no universal pattern exists for perfect About Us texts. Nor can there be – after all, your company is unique and this individuality should be reflected in your About Us texts.

Nevertheless, there are some themes that you should address. Instead of spending hours fiddling with a draft, use the following guiding questions as a template when creating your About Us page. In your About Us text, answer the below points in order or choose an order that suits you.

Question 1: What is our corporate mission statement?

Visitors looking at your About Us page want to understand who is behind the products: What drives the company? What values does it embody? What goals are you pursuing with your company?

These so-called mission statements and vision statements are parts of your company mission statement: summarise who you are, what you do, and what your company vision is in one or two concise sentences. In this way, you provide readers with a quick overview so that they can decide whether they’ve come to the right place with their concerns.

Question 2: What do we our offer and how does our business model work?

What you have already touched on in your mission statement deserves some additional explanation: What products do you offer? Who is your target audience?

For many companies, it makes sense to use the About Us page to briefly explain to new customers and potential partners how your business model works. This transparency increases trust in your company and can be a compelling unique selling point to win customers over. Describe your business model in as much detail as necessary, but as succinctly as possible. Link to other sub-pages on your website for more in-depth information.

Question 3: What is our company history?

People buy from people. Therefore, explain how you as a founder came up with your business idea. Depending on your industry, use storytelling to create images in readers’ minds and establish an emotional connection. A few sentences are all it takes to do this. No one has the leisure at this point to read prolonged novels.

Describe other important milestones in the company’s development. In doing so, link factual events to your company’s values. For example: Why did you move production to the UK? What problems were you trying to solve with the new product?

Your About Us page is not a company chronicle. For each sentence about your company’s history, check whether you’re conveying something that is relevant to the website visitor. Does what you write pay off in terms of your expertise, likeability, or trustworthiness?

Question 4: What kind of people work in our company and how do they work?

Feature your colleagues on your About Us page: Your team or, depending on the size of the company, the most important roles. Depending on whether you want to emphasise competence or likeability, brief information about employees can vary: Degree information and previous job descriptions hint at your employees’ competence. Motivational quotes and comments on organisational culture add personality.

If you want to use About Us text for your employer branding, describe your corporate culture and work ethic and link to your job listings. Choose a tone that gives applicants a taste of what the mood and mentality is at your company.

Question 5: Why can customers trust us?

Your company story is an important factor that can inspire confidence in new customers. But if you talk about your successes yourself, this is only credible to a limited extent. Let other people find words of praise for your products:

  • Include videos with customer recommendations.
  • Integrate testimonials.
  • List press testimonials.
  • Link to published articles about your company.
  • Reference awards and certifications.

More tips for your About Us page

The content of your About Us page should stand out well and bring in a growing number of suitable customer and applicant inquiries. The following tips on structure and design will help you achieve this:

  1. Link your About Us page in the main navigation. Don’t hide it in the footer. Mandatory information such as the imprint, privacy policy, or contact information belong there. An About Us page deserves a more prominent place.
  2. Make your About Us page clear. Use plenty of paragraphs so your page is easy to read on mobile devices and website visitors aren’t scared off by text clutter. Offer more in-depth information on linked sub-pages.
  3. Use different content formats: Offer a mix of text, images, and video. This breaks up the design and takes into account different user preferences.
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Summary: Effective About Us pages put the customer at the centre

Nowadays, company websites can be set up in no time. With WordPress, an online presence can be brought to life in the blink of an eye.


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Technical hurdles make website success less and less likely. But other common hurdles when creating a website can occur. For example, if the About Us page is created in hindsight and an opportunity is lost. A successful About Us page effectively helps companies achieve their goals - attract new customers and applicants.

If you find it difficult to get started, use our guiding questions for your About Us page as a template. This will help you include the key points in your text:

  1. Our corporate mission (mission and vision)
  2. Our offering and business model
  3. Our company history
  4. Our people and their work
  5. Reasons to trust us

Decide for yourself in which order you want to answer these questions. Make sure to tell your story in such a way that customers are convinced and can’t help but trust you.

  • Present yourself in a way that matches your company!
  • Write in such a way that your company comes across as competent and likeable.
  • Don’t look for a perfect pattern in your About Us text! Your company is unique and your About Us page is too.

Don’t worry: If the results fall short of your expectations, you always have the option to optimise your About Us text.

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