Creating and Managing a HiDrive Backup (Windows)

With HiDrive, you can save all the data of your Windows Pc on a regular basis. In case of data loss, you can restore your data quickly and easily. You can also restore the data on another Windows pc.

  • HiDrive Pro package or other HiDrive package in combination with the HiDrive Device backup add-on
  • HiDrive app on your Windows pc
  • Windows from version 8.1

Set Up Windows Backup

To set up and start a backup of your Windows pc, proceed as follows:

  • Please open the HiDrive app on your Windows pc.

  • Click the tab Start.

  • Select the Settings  entry.

  • Click on the tab Device Backup.

  • If you have not already started a backup, click on Setup Backup. If a backup is already set up, click on Create Backup to create another.

  • In the data section Backup Schedule, decide when and how often you want your pc to backup. If your computer is turned off during the scheduled time, the backup will be started as soon as possible.

  • In the field Backup Name, please enter the name of your backup.

  • Under Scope, please select the directories, which are to be saved. Hidden directories and system files will be stored as well.

  • Check Remove deleted data from Windows Backup. This will ensure data you remove on your pc will be removed in your stored backup as well.


Restore Windows Backup

To restore a backup from a Windows Pc, proceed as follows:

  • Open your HiDrive App on your Windows pc.
  • Click on the Start tab.
  • Select the entry Settings.
  • Click on the tab Device Backup.
  • In the data section Existing backup, select the backup you would like to restore by clicking on the Restore link. This will open a new window.
  • In the tree view, check all folders you would like to restore. Subfolders of the folders you have selected are automatically checked.
  • On your Windows pc, select a target directory; this is the directory the backup files will be copied to.
  • Make sure there is enough storage space available.
  • Click on Restore to start the recovery process.


  • Data can be restored regardless of device in use, as long as it is a Windows pc.
  • Please note: data can only be restored in files. It’s not possible to recover the windows system with settings and all.