Effects of the EU Geoblocking Regulations on IONOS eShop Packages

As the operator of a Online Shop, the new EU Regulation on Geoblocking may require you to make changes. Our Online Shop products are design to comply with the regulations and already include the relevant funcations to make your Online Shop compliant. We have provided frequently asked questions, and answers below:

Frequently Asked Questiosn for Customers Operating an Online Shop

  • Do I have to change any settings in my online shop to be compliant?
    No, because we do not use geoblocking in our Online Shop product. You only need to decide whether you want to ship orders to other countries with the same delivery conditions as in the United Kingdom. If not, you must use the region function (Business Package). With the Essential Package it is sufficient if you inidcate that you (for example) only deliver within the United Kingdom. This information must appear on the payment and shipping page as required by law. In addition, we recommend that you explicitly state the shipping method, for example "Shipping within the United Kingdom".
  • Do I need to modify my General Terms and Conditions?
    No. But it is a good idea to inform your visitors about the different shipping costs to different countries and indicate if you do not offer shipping to certain countries. If you exclude countries from shipping, the buyer can still pick up the ordered goods from the countries where you offer shipping.
  • Do I have to rethink the pricing of my products?
    The EU regulations have no influence on the pricing of your products. However, the price of your products must be the same for all customers throughout the EU. It is not allowed to sell products with different prices in different EU countries.
  • Do I have to change the shipping / delivery conditions?
    You are not obliged to offer delivery of  your products to all EU countries. You still have the right to limit your delivery area to certain countries. For example, you are not obliged to deliver to an EU member state where you have previously not offered it. However, the buyer has the possibility to pick up the ordered item from one of the countries where you offer delivery.
  • Do I have to change the payment methods?
    No. You only need to make sure that the same payment methods are available to all customers from the European Economic Area.
  • Do I have to adjust the settings for national or local taxes?
    That is not required. The national tax laws of the EU member states continue to apply.
  • Should I expect the risk of fraud to increase?
    No. The risk of fraud is not increased by the new EU geoblocking regulation.
  • Can I block IP addresses from certain EU countries?
    No. The new EU Geoblocking Regulation was adopted to prevent this.
  • Can I forward customers to country-specific online shops?
    This is only possible if the forwarding takes place after the customer has given his consent and they can return to the original version at any time, or has access to all country specific versions of your Online Shop .

Further information on geoblocking can be found in the article: The new EU Geoblocking Regulation.