Effects of the EU Geoblocking Regulations on IONOS Google Ads Management Service (Search Engine Advertising)

If you purchase the Google Ads Management Service (search engine advertising) through a country other than your country of residence, some country specific features may differ or may not be available.

The language of product plays an important role in the optimal use of Google Ads Management Service. We therefore recommend that you purchase the country specific version of the Google Ads Management Service if it is available for your country of residence.

Country Specific Features and Special Features of Google Ads Management Service

  • Google ads are currently limited as part of our agreement with Google for Google Ads Management Service. Only our customers in the United Kingdom, Germany, and the United States of America (USA) can advertise via this service.
  • Google ads are optimised to promote a company or its products/services in the region where it operates. Advertising a product or service from a country other than the one in which the company operates would result in a Google ad in the wrong region.
  • Our experts who promote your products and services currently speak German and English.
  • The language of the product is linked to each market and also affects the success of Google Ads Management Service.

General information about geoblocking can be found in the article: The new EU Geoblocking Regulation