Effects of the EU Geoblocking Regulations on IONOS List Local

If you purchase List Local through am EU country other than your country of residence, certain country specific features may differ or may not be available. The language of the country's product plays an important role in the optimal use of List Local. Therefore, we recommend that you purchase the version of List Local from your country of residence, where available.

Country Specific Features and Special Features of List Local

  • The List Local tariffs are tailored to each country and use the most relevant directories in each country.
  • The use of a List Local tariff from another country will not produce meaningful results as the company data must be reported in the country in which the company is located or operates.
  • Some online directories do not exist in all countries and are therefore only relevant to the countries in which they are available.
  • Local online directories are only relevant for the region concerned in the country concerned.
  • For online directories that exist in multiple countries (for example, Google or Facebook) List Local will synchronise your company data only in the country of purchase.
  • List Local and most online directories, only supports certain types of data. These are based on regional or country specific requirements, e.g. telephone number, street, postcode, etc. This can lead to errors when you try to synchronise your company data with a version List Local from a country that differs from the country where you live/work.
  • The product language is linked to every market and also impacts the effectiveness of List Local.

Further information regarding geoblocking can be found in the article: The new EU Geoblocking Regulation