Follow the steps below to learn how to export your MyWebsite data in a common format.

Saving Web Pages as .html Files

You have the option to save your web pages as .html files using your browser.

For example, you can save a web page with Firefox. The procedure with other common browsers is similar:

    Open the web page you want to save in your browser.
    In the menu, click File.
    Select Save page as.
    Select as the file type web page, complete (*.htm, *.html).
    Type a file name and save the page.

Repeat this for each page you want to save.

Exporting a Website with External Software

Besides the possibility of saving each page individually, there are special software solutions. A widely used program for this is HTTrack.

HTTrack creates a working local copy of a website (including CSS, HTML, scripts and images). After opening the site, HTTrack starts a mini web server and a menu interface in the browser. The structure of the website remains fully functional.

You can use HTTrack for free. You can find the download link here:

Please understand that IONOS neither supports the external solutions in customer service nor can it provide support in case of questions. Please contact the respective manufacturer or supplier.