Connecting a Domain to Your MyWebsite

For MyWebsite Now and MyWebsite Creator

In order for your MyWebsite to be accessible on the Internet using your domain, it must be connected to the desired domain. If you do not already have a domain available, you can order one.

If you have already selected a domain when ordering MyWebsite, the domain will automatically be connected to your website.

In the following cases you will need to manually connect your domain to the MyWebsite:

  • You have ordered the MyWebsite and the domain separately.
  • You have moved the domain into your contract.
  • You want to use your MyWebsite with another, available domain that you have registered with IONOS.
  • You want to use your MyWebsite with an external domain.

Connect an Available Domain with MyWebsite Manually

To connect your MyWebsite with an available domain that is in the same contract (requirements for the use of a domain with our products).

  • Open IONOS and clickMy Products > Websites & Shops in the menu bar, then select the desired #MyWebsite.
  • Click under Domain (Internet address) on the gear symbol > Connect Domain.
  • Select the desired domain and click on Save.

The MyWebsite is now connected to the domain. It may take a few minutes for the change to be active and for your MyWebsite to be accessible via the domain.