This article explains how to submit your website to the Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools). This will confirm your domain ownership and add your website to Google's index. This will allow it to be delivered as a search result in Google searches by other Internet users.


You already have a Google account.

First-Time Registration

  • Log in to the Google Search Console. The Select Property Type window opens.

  • In the Domain (not "URL Prefix") section, enter your domain name.

  • Click Next. The Verify domain ownership via DNS record window opens.

  • Click Start Verification. The login page of IONOS opens in a new tab.

  • Log in to your IONOS account and click Connect. If you are already logged into your IONOS account, this step is not necessary.

  • Click Allow so that Google can verify you as the domain owner. This permission is mandatory. The IONOS tab will close automatically.

  • Switch back to the Google Search Console. The Ownership Verified window appears.

  • Click Go to Property to open your domain in Google Search Console.

Confirming Ownership for More Domains

  • On any Google Search Console page, in the upper-left corner, open the drop-down menu with your domains.

  • In the drop-down menu at the bottom, click Add Property.

  • To confirm the ownership of your domain, follow the instructions in the previous section starting with step 2.