DNS Pro is an optional add-on package for IONOS contracts.

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DNS Pro simplifies the management of complex DNS zones and provides you with additional features to enhance the user experience of your visitors. To this end, DNS Pro adds the following features to the standard DNS management interface:

  • DNSSEC: Ensure the authenticity of your DNS data for others by digitally signing your DNS zone (does not work in combination with Secondary DNS)
  • Premium Anycast: Reduce the loading time on the first visit of your websites worldwide. Unlike the standard name servers, Premium Anycast has server locations on all continents so your visitors always benefit from a fast name resolution, no matter where they are located (does not work in combination with Secondary DNS).
  • DNS Templates: Manage custom templates for groups of DNS records to configure DNS zones quickly and easily.
  • DNS Backup: Create backups of your entire DNS zone to quickly and easily restore it from a backup at any time.
  • Secondary DNS: This feature allows the operator of an authoritative name server to use IONOS as a secondary DNS provider to increase the availability and performance of name resolution.