Opt-Out of the Nominet WHOIS Database

Learn how to opt your contact information out of the Nominet WHOIS database.

With domain names that are provided by Nominet (.uk, .org.uk, .co.uk, me.uk), there is an option for private individuals to have their address information hidden. This is called WHOIS Opt-Out and is only available on UK domains.

Follow these steps to hide your personal details.

Please note:  This is only for personal domain names with a Registrant Type of UK Individual or Non-UK Individual. This option is not available for domain names that are used for commercial purposes.

Step 1

Log in to your IONOS and select the relevant package.

Step 2

From the Domains panel, click on Manage Domains.

Step 3

Insert the domain name and click Search.

Step 4

Under Actions, select Privacy & Contact Details.

Step 5

Click on Edit Reg-C in order to display the contact information.

Step 6

Tick the box for Hide Reg-C details (Whois Opt-Out) near the bottom of the form and click Save.